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5 most popular ways to run ads on Facebook

  1. Reach

This way helps you optimize your advertising reach. You need to differentiate Reach from Engagement.

Reach: Ads displayed on the News Feed of customers, they only need to see within 3 seconds to be counted as 1 approach.
Engagement: Customers who see your ad, like, share, comment, are counted as 1 interaction.
So this way only optimizes your ad for the most people to see, the most people see, Facebook doesn’t care if they like or comment. More advanced, Reach also lets you show your ad to 1 person how many times.

  1. Click to web

Many times you will come across someone abbreviation CTW, they are talking about this form.

For CTW, Facebook will understand that you want to optimize the traffic to the website. Of course, to use this method you must have your own blog / website to run ads. If you want to drive traffic to your website, then CTW is the right choice for you.

Note: Facebook will only optimize the number of people who click on your blog / website, not for purchasing activities, adding to shopping carts, …

  1. Engagement

PPE (Page Post Engagement) is how you often hear people talk about how to run this ad. PPE is a very simple way of running that most novices should start with. In PPE there are two more optimal ways that you often encounter:

Optimize interactions for advertisements such as like, share, comment.
Optimize page likes for Facebook Fanpage.
PPE is popular because it does not require high technology to set up ads, the cost is suitable for new advertisers, even I still use PPE for Facebook Ads campaigns.

PPE helps you to optimize the spread of your post, reduce costs if your post content is doing well. Facebook will show ads to users who have the habit of interacting on Facebook, helping you get the most potential customers.

  1. Video Views

Video is currently the type of content that helps you optimize the cost of Facebook advertising. Users have always liked to watch videos, more convenient is that Facebook has an auto-play video feature. Visitors don’t need to click on the video, they just need to swipe to the video to auto-play.

Facebook will optimize for you video views, views, not interactions, do not confuse these two factors. It is possible that your video will get quite a lot of views, but few interactions such as likes, shares, comments, because video is not optimized for interaction.

  1. Conversions

Some people will abbreviate it as WC, because its old name is Website Conversions, Facebook updates are only Conversions.

True to its name, Facebook will optimize conversions on your sales website when you run this form. There are 4 basic types of conversion actions:

View Content
Add to Cart
Initiate Checkout
If you want to optimize your Purchase conversions, choose the Conversion type as Purchase. Facebook will optimize customers who have the habit of buying on the website through Facebook ads.

However, Facebook is only optimal for you, not if you run you will get orders immediately, depending on the product and other factors.

Translated by Hoai Thi

Source from: thanhthinhbui.com

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