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Advantages and disadvantages when selling with Shopee Mall

When you sell goods in Shopee, there are 3 levels as follows: normal shop, favorite shop and Shopee Mall. The promotion to Shopee’s favorite and the highest is Shopee Mall will help sellers get more incentives and better support from Shopee.

What is Shopee Mall?

Shopee Mall is a title for sellers who meet the necessary criteria as well as documents that Shopee makes about the distribution of genuine goods.

In addition, when eligible to Mall, your shop products will be included in the page for “genuine goods” only, called Shopee Mall.

Is it difficult to go to the Mall? Difficult. Details how I will share the article below

Does selling on Shopee have to go to the Mall? No need. It is important that you can sell or not, many shops that go to the Mall still lose to their favorite shop.

Advantages of going to the Mall when selling on Shopee

Below are the immediate benefits that you will receive when participating in selling on Shopee Mall.

Increase traffic

When you go to the Mall, you will have the opportunity to reach a large amount of natural traffic on Shopee, in addition to the fact that you will appear separately on the Shopee Mall page, when customers actively search, you will still stand out more than ordinary shops and love shops. prefer.

This is a prominent shop with the word Mall between the normal shops and other favorite shops

Shipping fee support

You will be supported up to 25k shipping fee for orders from 150k (normal shop and favorite shop will be 250k). This policy will help you increase the number of orders with remote customers with relatively high shipping costs.

For example: Your shop is in Ho Chi Minh City, but customers are in Thai Nguyen, they buy 150k products with a shipping fee of 40k, they will be supported with 10k.

Marketing campaign

Shopee always has big and small programs every month to help shop increase sales efficiency when participating, especially with Shopee Mall, a lot of sales support programs such as subsidies, Flash Sale, Freeship …

With Shopee Mall, you have the opportunity to appear more in special positions when participating in large advertising campaigns on Shopee.

Note: Not all programs are suitable for your product, and should also carefully consider price, profit margin or acceptable losses before joining.

Commitment to return 7 days free of charge

This is one of the benefits that buyers need to be guaranteed when buying on Mall, so sellers also need to commit to this.

When the buyer submits a refund / return request, the system on Shopee will automatically agree to the buyer to return to the Shopee’s warehouse to see if the status is correct with the buyer’s complaint.

  • If the buyer’s request to return the item is unreasonable, Shopee will return the item to the buyer.
  • If the buyer’s request is reasonable:
    • Shopee will refund the buyer and return the product to the seller within 7 working days.
    • If the seller does not receive the returned item, or the product has a problem, you can respond to customer support immediately within 7 days for a resolution.

After hearing it, it seems quite disadvantaged for the seller if you encounter a “negative” buyer, you can rest assured because the refund condition must meet Shopee’s conditions below.

Number of products allowed to post

Product posting quota (the maximum number of products a shop can post) depends on many factors such as:

  • Sales level.
  • Rate of pre-order.
  • Unlucky star.

With Shopee Mall, Quota posts 20,000 products.

Each sales level will have a corresponding number of product quotas.

Viral brand

When you go to the Mall, the brand of your shop will also go viral with the following factors:

  • Priority appears when customers search.
  • Label Mall prominently, impressing customers.
  • Appears next to other brands in the “favorite brands” category.
  • In addition, your brand will also appear prominently in each category on Shopee.
    For example: I search in the category “men’s fashion” and the shops that have joined the Shopee Mall will have priority to appear with the brand logo.

Along with the benefits you get when going to the Mall, there are the following disadvantages.

Disadvantages to know when going to the Mall

Fixed costs

When you go to the Mall, you will have to incur a fixed fee, which is the percentage of commission deducted from the selling price of the product when the order is successfully completed (excluding products canceled or returned / refunded) including VAT.

Fixed Fee (not including 10% VAT) = Total order value x Fixed Fee percentage

Commitment to genuine

When you go to the Mall, you must provide all relevant documents to prove that the source you are distributing is genuine.

If you find any violation, you must refund the buyer, remove the Mall and compensate more costs incurred to Shopee when violating.

Regulations on content for sale

With Shopee Mall, your listing rules will also be managed more closely than regular shops, such as:

  • Product images uploaded must be of the correct standards and quality
  • Product name must be strictly regulated and professional
  • Products belonging to any industry must choose the right industry
  • Description of the product must be correct and complete
  • Fill out the product’s property fields
  • Set up product classification (SKU) in terms of color, size … (if any)

The penalty fee is higher

The penalty for Shopee Mall will also be higher than other regular shops ~ 200,000 – 10,000,000 VND for each violated order, the penalty will correspond to the following errors:

  • Error cancellation form from Shop
  • Violating product regulations committed to Shopee when going to the Mall
  • Cheat orders, the most common of which is with virtual orders.

How do you join Shopee Mall?

Through the above advantages and disadvantages when participating in Shopee Mall, you can also see the potential as well as the level of its “chew” and not everyone wants to get up, of course, if you go to the Mall, you will have hundreds of thousands single / day.

So, before you register for information and not be “kicked” right from the parking ring, you must prepare carefully the following steps.

Criteria to go to Shopee Mall

First, your shop must meet the operational metrics such as:

  • Rate of unsuccessful orders <10%
  • Rate of late orders <10%
  • Dumbbell star penalty score = 0
  • Rate of pre-order = 0
  • There is no history of counterfeit products from other brands
  • Do not use profanity or advise customers to cancel orders in customer care messages

To track these metrics you go to performance within the Shopee merchant channel

Shopee will get data for the last 4 weeks from the closing date of the Mall browsing list

Documents and vouchers

This is the most important part of all stages. To prove that you are a genuine product distributor, it is necessary to have the necessary documents as required by Shopee for each business form such as:

  • Self-produced sellers.
  • Importers.
  • Distributor.
  • Retailers.
  • Publishing company.

When you have fully prepared the necessary “weapons” to go to Shopee Mall then you can click the button below to go to the registration form.

The maximum time to receive results from the registration date is 14 days.

Review process to become Shopee Mall

In order to know if you “pass or fail”, you should know the following Mall approval process from Shopee.

On every Monday Shopee will check the valid registration list before 23:59 p.m. on Sunday.

Every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m., Shopee sends the results of the review and notification of ID card update to the shops in the following 2 cases:

  • Qualify to become Shopee Mall
  • Not updated ID card – or updated but not in accordance with regulations.

At 5:00 pm every Friday, Shopee will attach the title of Mall and send a notice to the Shop that have followed the correct instructions:

  • Received notifications and ID updates from Wednesday 5:00 pm to 5:00 pm
  • ID card has been successfully approved

Note: The update of ID card is very important even if you go to your favorite Shop or Shopee Mall, if you do not update on time, it is easy to be “rejected” whether your shop criteria or paper documents. are good.


Above is an overview of Shopee Mall, preparation and registration to participate in selling on Shopee Mall.

However, as I have shared, if you go to Mall, you will not issue hundreds of applications. That is the reason that you need to draw out an effective shop development roadmap and sales strategy both before and after going to the Mall.

Translated by Hoai Thi

Source from: kiemtiencenter.com

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