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Audience Insights customer research tool on Facebook

Facebook gives us a free tool to study potential customers’ behavior called Audience Insights.

While a user is online, Facebook will record all interest behaviors that that person exhibits. For example, which pages do they like, or what information they share, … Facebook will save them to support advertisers.

Audience Insights will be a tool to help us study customer behavior, help you accurately advertise to people who are in need of your product.

You will know everything about potential customers such as age, gender, interests, income, … everything.

Advertising on Facebook is similar to other forms of advertising. You must know your customers well.

You must know what customers like, what phone use, how much income, and where they often visit. Only that way, you can target them correctly.

This step you have to research carefully about your customers, their behavior and their interests in order to run your ad to be able to prepare.

Translated by Hoai Thi

Source from: thanhthinhbui.com

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