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Banana prices fell sharply due to the influence of the Covid-19

In recent years, bananas are the staples of Muong Khuong district (Lao Cai) and are mainly sold to the Chinese market. However, due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Chinese market stopped importing so that the price of bananas in Lao Cai “hit the bottom” to only 2,000 VND / kg.

The banana tree in Muong Khuong (Lao Cai) was once considered a poverty alleviation tree, helping many households to have stable incomes, escape poverty and get better off. However, because the output mainly depends on the Chinese market, at the time of the main harvest, when the merchants of this country stopped buying, the price of banana here immediately dropped sharply.

However, because bananas are a fresh fruit item that has not yet been processed, so even though the price of bananas is as cheap as duckweed, people still have to sell them to salvage any dong or dong.

In the communes of Muong Khuong district (Lao Cai), banana trees are grown concentrated in areas on low-slope slopes and hills.
Banana tree does not require much technical care, suitable for the level of cultivation of most upland people.
To be eligible for export, bananas must be well-designed. Therefore, since the banana was young, people in Muong Khuong (Lao Cai) had to use plastic to cover the banana chamber to avoid negative impacts from the environment, pests and diseases.
Once the bananas are old enough, the full round fruit will begin to be harvested.
From the field, bananas are transported to the gathering point.
In the remote banana fields, people have to use baskets to transport bananas. To prevent the bananas from being scratched, people use a thick cloth or thin cushion to wrap the bananas before placing them in the baskets.
Bananas are gathered, waiting for the car to buy. Bananas from Muong Khuong are mainly consumed through cooperation with cooperatives or small traders as a clue to buy and buy for businesses.
Each bunch of bananas are carefully separated by the trader to facilitate canning.
In the previous season, banana products started to sluggishly because the Chinese market decreased purchasing power, and many ripe bananas had to be abandoned without harvesting. At the beginning of the crop this year, the price of banana was only 2,000 VND / kg when purchased from the garden. At this price, people have no profit but can salvage fertilizer costs and care.
Bananas after washing away dirt and insects will be divided into “hands”, each “hand” about 6 – 8 depending on weight.
Bananas are sponge coated, canned, and labeled. Bananas from Muong Khuong have been granted codes of growing areas, which are eligible for official export to China.
Each banana box is vacuumed for better preservation, and labeled each banana box before getting on the bus.
From the bus trips, Muong Khuong bananas will start their journey to export to your home country.

Translated by Hoai Thi

Source from: Dan Viet

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