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Hai Ta Media

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Core Service Values
Specialization in positioning, design, brand promotion - Touch point "ONE FOR ALL". Consistent strategy from image and positioning will help businesses operate effectively, increase sales, and save marketing costs.
Hai Ta Media website design service

Website Design

Business online offices

A Website designed in sync with brand identity will help you make a good impression, opening up potential business and cooperation opportunities.

Brand logo & Design

Convey the message, reflect the spirit of the business.

Laying the foundation, creating a solid frame for the brand wall. Logo and brand identity play a very important role for a brand when it comes to building a foothold in the market.

Hai Ta Media logo design service
Hai Ta Media marketing online service

Marketing Online

Grow your business from anywhere.

Promote brands, services and products widely. Bringing the brand closer to the target audience. Increase awareness & increase engagement on social networks. Budget optimization, cost savings in deployment.

Services Included
Advertise to seach website - on Social media
Advertise online to sell real estate
Advertise online to sell furniture
Advertise online to sell devices / tools
Fashion online advertising
Advertise online to sell foods
Advertise online to sell houseware
Advertise online for financial services
Advertising online for courses
Advertising online for promotion sale off
Advise online for ads campaigns
Editing Advertised Films - Visual Efects of Film
Video Ads in 3 to 10 seconds
Edit clips from smartphones
Animating 2D & 3D Logo
Editing Intro video & Outo videos
Take Photos & Clips of Products
Editing English-Vietnamese subtitles
Write Scripts for Ads Video
Visual Efects in Video Ads
Graphics Design Brand Identity
Website template Designs
Logo branding Designs
Package of product Designs
Designing poster, standee, banner
Designing covers of social media
Email template Designs
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