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Advertise to seach website
Advertising on Social media

  • $ 215.10
    YouTube displays advertisement
  • $ 215.10
    Facebook advertises Fanpage
  • $ 215.10
    Advertising on Google Search
  • $ 215.10
    Linkedin advertises recruitment
  • $ 215.10
    Instagram advertisement

Editing Advertised Films
Visual Efects of Film

  • $ 430.19
    Making 2d & 3d film on script
  • $ 430.19
    Animating 2D & 3D Logo
  • $ 430.19
    Editing avaiable videos with VFX
  • $ 215.10
    Editing Intro video & Outo videos
  • $ 129.06
    Editing English-Vietnamese subtitles
  • $ 430.19
    Visual Efects in Video Ads
  • $ 215.10
    Video Ads in 3 to 10 seconds

Graphics Design
Brand Identity

  • $ 215.10
    Website template Designs
  • $ 86.04
    Logo branding Designs
  • $ 430.19
    Package of product Designs
  • $ 86.04
    Designing poster, standee, banner
  • $ 43.02
    Designing covers of social media
  • $ 86.04
    Email template Designs
Frequent questions and answers

What do we obtain with spending Ads ?

Spending advertising is easy to understand is to hire partners to bring products and services to reach the large number of customers in need. Advertising locations are no longer limited to traditional markets or supermarkets that are always noisy with many specific stalls, kiosks and sales areas. Advertising space for goods and services currently included, including on the internet (global information network). Advertising on the internet should pay attention is Google search advertising and social networking advertising.

What is the cost of web advertising on Google?

Paying for Google search engine seeks to bring website products and services to Google users. For example, when a user searches for information about a video maker, buys clothes on Google, the search engine results are websites (information sites) related to the keyword "making videos", "buying pants". shirt". The first position website results are usually ads. Spending money on Google ads is more likely to appear on the front page of Google. Depending on the price of advertising that Google displays the site needs to promote how many times a month.

What is the values of advertising on social networks?

Spending money on popular social networking sites in Vietnam so that products and services appear on the social registration page. For example, Facebook has billions of users, has billions of personal websites called billions of sub sites used by billions of individuals. Depending on the amount of advertising costs for facebook, the result is the number of content impressions on a large number of individual pages.

What do we expect after advertising goods or services ?

The larger the advertising spend, the more times the content of products and services appears every time users use the internet to search and exchange information. The result is access to millions of potential customers.

What do we obtain with spending money for video Ads ?

Short video to advertise are so popular that these video ads are boring to many people. Many consumers do not want to see. The advertising film appears everywhere from the TV to the apartment elevator, super large screen outdoors. In this age, we usually watch movie ads on facebook account, every time watching movies on Most people have to watch many seconds of advertising. Here, the advertising film has become attractive content that is both entertaining and introducing products or services.

Does worth of advertising movie cost ?

Spending money on advertising movies is worth the investment. If it is not worth investing in how we remember the brand names advertise many of the dozens of brands selling the same goods, providing the same type of service. A beautiful still image is not enough space crammed with advertising words, but a short video of about 3 seconds to 10 seconds is more than enough to convey information about products and services in comfort and fun.

What are the results of movie for advertising goods ?

Short films showcasing the basic products and services you have the right to request to put into the film much information that shows off eye-catching motion effects. The same 20 million spent on image advertising content more restrictive advertising ideas than spent on making advertising films. Still images require most potential viewers to take 10 seconds to judge what the image means. While commercials have music, photos, as many words as you like. It only takes the customer to glance over 3 seconds for the mind to read a short passage across the screen. That is not to mention the effect of changing the character image movement, sound creating a lasting impression of the brand for the viewer.

Could we sell goods, services with investing on video ads ?

Answer: This is a way to increase the sales taught by marketing textbooks, sales training, so many directors and managers succeed. A short commercial with a cute company introduction character has also invited customers to try the service. Especially with products formed in the future such as real estate, architectural construction, the advertising of short film perspective in three-dimensional space is almost the preferred sales tool.

Not Advertisement Or Must Advertise

No advertising occurs when more and more customers advertise, but the capacity of companies and organizations providing goods and services cannot meet orders. In fact, organizations and companies that are satisfied with their current sales without advertising will have a harder problem conquering customers. Advertising is the most understandable and innovative way to get new customers and protect your existing market share. The easiest explanation is if you have 1 million customers on your previous fanpage. You simply post a photo of a new product that more than 50% of fans know.

Business has launched, have to advertise theirs

Hai Ta Media continuously runs ads on Google, Facebook, Youtube because we always have the spirit of starting a business despite the limited financial budget. In the business plan of business start-up organizations, there must be an advertisement expense item. Without the advertising expense item, the spirit of business conquering the market will not be promoted. Who knows about this business?

Stop advertising because of disregard competitors

Stop launching advertisements that underestimate the opponents running promotions. Samsung has always prioritized its smartphone advertisements. As a result, it has long accounted for most of the Android software market. There are always competitors and brand promotion is considered as a valuable element in the market.

The vital of advertising money depends on the quality of the contents

There are advertising examples that become media disasters. Having advertising content is misunderstood in violation of local culture. Again, there is advertising content that is judged for lies. There are boring monotonous ads, for example, 3 photos glide through the screen with some product boxes and then run out. There are also products that are advertised by famous artists, but fans who watch the ads immediately get bored with the artist. There are ads that infringe copyright on scripts, characters, and music. Hai Ta Media is an advertising content creation and consulting unit that always warns of the classic failures mentioned above when consulting customers. Hai Ta Media is confident in understanding culture, art, and technology to create impressive advertising films for the brand.

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