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Effective ways to make money online

Definition of making money online?
For me, making money online (referred to as MMO) has a very broad definition. It is any way in which you use a computer with an internet connection to make money.

Making money online is a popular trend as there are more and more ways to help you sit at home, but money still comes back every month.

I’m sure your wish when reading this article is to find the MMO forms to do. However, this article has a lot of good content below, it can change your mind.

1 / Make money with mobile apps
If you are using an iOS or Android phone, you can find apps that help you earn extra income by completing small tasks like reading ads, doing surveys, watching videos or inviting users, …

  • Things I like: Super easy to do, just manipulate them manually on the applications.
  • My points are limited: Can’t earn much, is not durable, and is mainly suitable for students and students.

2 / Make money with Shopee Dropshipping
Shopee Dropshipping is a form where you do not need to import goods but can also sell goods on Shopee.

You will find the best source of goods, deploy the sale, when there is an order, the source will ship to the buyer & you get the difference.

There are many of you are making $ 500 – $ 2000 per month based on this way.

  • Things I like: New form, huge opportunities, sources & niches to diversify without capital.
  • My point is limited: It’s the COVID season, so many good sources in China come back to Vietnam to come to Vietnam.

3 / Make money with Lambo
Lambo is a completely new platform expected to launch by the end of 2020. In my opinion, this is a very easy form of income generation.

4 / Make money with Adflex CPO
AdFlex is an affiliate marketing network, which is an intermediary connection between product providers and the online money-making community like you & me.

You can make money by promoting products on Adflex, commissions ~ 200k to 400k per order.

Adflex has many products under the category of cosmetics, functional foods. That market demand is very large so many of you earn $ 1000, $ 2000 / month

  • Things I like: Adflex has high commissions, a quality sharing community, an enthusiastic team.
  • My point is limited: Because too many people make the competition increasingly fierce.

5 / Make money with Accesstrade
Accesstrade is another affiliate platform. In my opinion, this is the largest affiliate platform in Vietnam with several hundred campaigns, you can choose any product or service to promote.

Because there are too many campaigns, commissions are also very diverse, 5-6% also have, but 20-30% also. The most prominent are products in the financial sector.

  • Things I like: Accesstrade has a campaign jungle to choose from. Regularly organize offline sessions, share online.
  • My point is limited: Too many spam campaigns, low commissions. Campaigns with high commissions are difficult to compete with.

6 / Make money with Amazon Affiliate
Amazon is the largest ecommerce site in the world. You can make money website with Amazon affiliate program.

This means you can promote billions of products on Amazon with ~ 4-8% commissions.

Things I like: Great potential international market, super high volume of purchases.
My point is limited: English is difficult to reach for newbies, the cost of building a authority site is quite expensive (~ $ 500).

7 / Make money by trading coin
I introduce a new form, that is, buying and selling electronic money (Trade coin).

The cryptocurrency market (Cryptocurrency) works similarly to stocks, but smaller & more volatile (up and down sometimes 20-30% per day). And the buying and selling process is also easier.

Trade coin is the buying & selling of electronic money in a certain period to take profit.

For example, the price of BNB coin (Binance Coin) last week was $ 10 you would buy, this week it went up to $ 15 you sold, so you will profit $ 5 per BNB. If you trade in large quantities, say 1000 BNB, the profit is 1000 * 5 = $ 5000

At the time of writing this article, I have 2500 BNB.

However, it is the case where the coin price goes up, but if the coin price goes down, if you sell it, you will have a loss.

So you need:

  • Know technical analysis (Must learn)
  • Follow the news (Buy the rumor sell the news)
  • According to the signals of reputable and experienced people (even have to spend $ to buy signals)
  • But keep in mind that in this market, there are no absolute formulas. And each person will have their own trading coin tricks.

Starting small, not being greedy is the beginning advice.

  • Things I like: New market, lots of exploitation potential. High profits with good knowledge.
  • My point is limited: Many risks hit on greed and psychology. Scams in communities are frequent.

8 / Make money selling T-shirts (POD)
Talking about T-shirts, you may immediately think of T-shirts and maybe some people think that selling a T-shirt with a few tens of thousands will not be very attractive while operating complicatedly.

But you’ll have to rethink if a POD form will help you:

  • You don’t have to make t-shirts
  • You do not need to ship the shirt to the customer
  • You don’t need customer support
  • Profits from 200 – 500k per shirt
  • Only need 1 computer connected to the internet to work.

In fact, for many years, selling T-shirts is a form of MMO that has helped many people have a huge income in a short time, from a few hundred, several thousand to several tens of thousands of USD per month with POD.

  • Things I like: High margins per shirt sold, disregard for other processes, just focus on sales.
  • My point is limited: Competition in international markets is very big.

9 / Make money with Youtube
There are many people in this form, so I think you know it too. Your job is to make videos, upload them to Youtube and turn on ads.

Whether or not you make a lot of money is largely due to whether or not your content is compelling. For a little, it is $ 50 – $ 100 month, and more is about $ 1000 to $ 3000.

But there are also many friends making Youtube channel to make money with affiliate rather than advertising, making $ 300 to $ 700 per month. Here’s an example from a friend of mine at KTcity.

  • Things I like: Many ways to make money with Youtube, don’t require a lot of skills, just be creative
  • My point is limited: Competition is high, more and more people are working with high professionalization.

10 / Make advertising website
Making the current website is very easy, you just need to search online to be able to follow & own a website.

If you know how to make content and drive traffic, you can place ads with Google Adsense or Facebook Audience Network.

Potential income of ~ $ 200 to $ 500 per month or more if you do well, or have revenue from getting booking from brands.

  • Things I like: Easy to do, easy to visualize development direction.
  • My point is limited: It takes a lot of time to pull traffic, then it is to place ads or receive booking.

Translated by Hoai Thi

Source from: kiemtiencenter.com

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