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Brand Baemin Vietnam – Simple identity makes a difference

In mid-2019, Baemin – a famous Korean food delivery application, officially launched the Vietnamese pitch and immediately impressed with the outstanding identifier designed by Team Rice Creative.

As a famous food delivery application in Korea, Baemin’s challenge when coming to Vietnam is to make a difference in the minds of consumers, among strong competitors already familiar in the market such as Grab, Goviet, Now, … In addition, the identity must be associated with the Korean brand, and demonstrate Baemin’s breakthrough spirit and youthful personality. Receiving the problem is quite difficult, but Rice Creative has made the game interesting with daring creations.

Without a logo, Baemin’s designs are all minimalistic with just text and background. The main color tone is mint green, the brand’s signature color. Therefore, the font used also needs to be impressive and special, as it is not only the form of content, but also serves as a bold brand identity. Rice Creative has designed for Baemin Vietnam the BM Daniel font set, using the Vietnamese alphabet. Attach a personality to the branding, the typeface compresses the diacritics within a set height limit, the characters align. The sentence will feel like you are hearing a real sentence, not a line of text standing still on paper.

The end result is a set of characters full of personality, simple typography but rich in identity for the Baemin brand. This font is used on all commercial products and media publications of Baemin Vietnam.

Baemin’s outdoor advertisement
Publications on social media of Baemin Vietnam

When implementing a series design on the driver’s uniform, not using the usual jacket pattern, Rice chose a bomber shirt style, a style that was popular with young people – the file Baemin targeted, extremely loved. Instead of simple printing, the team also chose to print reflective personality. The production stages from design to finished sewing are closely monitored to ensure consistency for all. Other items such as raincoats, helmets, food containers, … are also produced synchronously in ideas and methods.

Uniforms and other items are designed and manufactured in a uniform manner

Although entering the market after competitors, Baemin really made a strong impression on users’ minds. “Mint Green Legion” was the topic that was heatedly discussed as soon as Baemin debuted, and consumers quickly remembered Baemin through his impressive designs. The positive feedback from customers about the brand image (according to YounetMedia) shows the successful step of Baemin’s team in building brand identity in the Vietnamese market.

Translated by Hoai Thi

Source from: Advertising Vietnam

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