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Fami: “Home is a place that I love all my life”

Referring to Fami (Vinasoy) is to mention family values, to the “Nha La Noi” campaign has been associated with the brand and bold in the minds of consumers of many ages. That familiarity, connection is an advantage that affirms the success of Fami built in the media aspect for many years. However, it also poses an interesting challenge: how to keep the consistency and continuity of the big message, without boring repetition, and to exploit a new dimension in how the family is conveyed. too familiar?

Vinasoy has always maintained its leading position in the industry with more than 84% market share, a brand well received by many Vietnamese families. In order to maintain this position, in addition to the business strategy, product development, it is impossible not to mention the emotional values ​​and love, the connection with the brand (Brand love) that Fami has been creating. built in the hearts of the public.

However, according to statistics, still more than 50% of rural households and 65% of urban households still do not have access to branded soymilk products – posing an impetus for continued market expansion. market and enter new potential customer segments for Fami.

In the first half of 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic caused unprecedented upheaval and affected the lives of all. But in another angle, the time of social isolation in the midst of epidemic storms helps us to realize the ever more important importance of health, of family affection. No matter what thunderstorms happen, “Home” is always a place to welcome us back, a good thing that lasts for the longest time in everyone’s heart. It is also the value that Fami always nurtures and places the heart in each product, along with the mission of “branding for the whole family”, bringing nutritional milk, health and joy to all Vietnamese families.

Business objectives: Promoting growth for Fami products.
Marketing Objectives:

Increased love for brand Fami (Brand Love) among mass consumers in both current and potential groups, aged 18-45.
Approaching and promoting the demand for using Fami soymilk for new users – young people, aged 15-25. This is also the group that becomes the main decision maker in buying and using products for themselves and the family in the future.

Family is the place we belong, the place where the people we love the most. Arises spontaneously from the moment of birth, but the more amazing thing is that family affection is constantly nurtured, by simple acts of care and sharing every day; by accepting and loving even the imperfections between each member so that they can understand and grow.

No matter how tired you are in the social life, you will return home in peace. Not only a shelter from the sun and rain in the physical form, “Home” has irreplaceable spiritual value, always standing in everyone’s heart, for the rest of their life, wherever they go.

Big idea
This is a familiar idea, but it is not easy to give a general definition for “Home”, because each house has its own stories, and has its own way to add “addiction” to its members. Addiction is scary, only home addiction is never real. That’s why during the social gap, many associations, “House Addiction” group were established and quickly became a trend in the online community with hundreds of thousands of members participating. People who share small corners in the living space, who show off meticulously creative homemade dishes, all show their love for their small home.

There are all kinds of house addicts, but one thing in common is that something highly addictive comes from simple everyday things. House addiction does not have any standards, nor does it have a love measure to see how well your addiction is, because in all, home addiction is “incurable” because family is always a part of loving attachment. , inseparable in everyone’s life. That was the inspiration for the big campaign idea: Home is a place we spend life with.


Brand storytelling using Integrated Communications (IMC) – the way that has resonated with the “Home is the place” campaign series over the years, continues to be utilized to the utmost and to be effective in reaching a wide range of consumers Fami is aiming for. Besides the usual channels such as Facebook, PR press, YouTube, the “landing” on the TikTok platform is also a highlight that clearly shows Fami’s goal of conquering potential young customers.

Content Video
Shaking hands in the Branded partnership with Fami this time is Huynh Lap – the young content creator’s face with never-ending charm and especially love from audiences of many ages. In addition to choosing the face to send gold, the MV has Huynh Lap as the main character using the cheerful music of the national song “O Me Ly”, the variation right from the title “O Family”, incorporating the brand name. sign in a natural, ingenious way.

MV “O Family” was released 10 days before the Vietnamese family on June 28, both closely and vividly expressing the message, and as a trigger for the content chain to spread both before and after the milestone. space above.

MV “O Family”


1.Fami Fanpage
Stemming from Huynh Lap’s lovely, shaky dance in “Hymn of the House”, Dance Cover dance challenge “Home is a place I love all my life” was initiated on the TikTok platform, attracting hundreds of participants. , creating a cover wave to catch the trend that is loved by young people.

In addition to the exciting competition on TikTok, other interesting activities on the Facebook platform are also highly interactive such as:

  • “House Addiction Confess” encourages Facebook users to share stories of all kinds of house addictions.
  • Application measuring the level of home addiction through the platform Facebook Instant Game.

2.KOL – Community Group
Hot fanpage content, community group, KOL groups from macro to micro on both Facebook and TikTok bring high efficiency in spreading the message and attracting the community to participate in activities:

  • KOLs post on personal Facebook: Huynh Lap, Thuy Tien, Duc Phuc, Mango Family, Cam Cam Family, Primmy Truong, Ribi Sachi …
  • Featured Content creators on TikTok: An Nhien Boi Boi and ba, Bo Bap, Tran Du, Tra Dang, Linh Barbie …
  • Fanpage comics: Little thing, Red beans, Seven-color rabbit, Quynh Aka …
  • Facebook Community Group: House Addiction, Kitchen Addiction, Not House Addiction

Press PR channels play an essential role in resonating, conveying in-depth, detailed campaign messages, and at the same time leading the amount of interaction and discussion about Social platforms. The newspapers target mass groups and young people / families: 24h, Dan Tri, Zing, aFamily, Channel 14, YAN, iOne …


In just 2 weeks of communication, the campaign has gained impressive statistics for both outreach, interaction and discussion, which continues to increase:

  • MV “O Family”: nearly 7 million views.
  • Dance challenge on TikTok: over 21 million views410% KPI; 636,000 engagement, equivalent to 334% KPI (only including clips of Brand, Huynh Lap, KOLs, not including data from the participant).
  • Confess house addiction: over 434,000 engagement
  • House addiction gauge: 3,723 players, over 183,000 engagement.

Translated by Hoai Thi

Source from: Brands Vietnam

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