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Building a website helps owners improve the prestige of brands.

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Hai Ta Media provides tutorials for learning advertisement and marketing.

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Promotional video with marketing content in 3D cartoon is funny.

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P / S – The adventure of King Leo and friends

85% of Vietnamese children aged 6-8 years old with baby tooth decay, according to the Central Dental Hospital, which is the harmful effect of lazy brushing twice a day. However, parents are also responsible, as 30% admit that they often skip brushing their child's teeth every night. P / S - with a commitment to protect smiles Vietnam has launched a campaign to change this bad habit. Thanks to the breakthrough and effective use of technology, the campaign is continuously honored at many awards such as MMA Global 2019 and WARC Media 2020.

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How to buy advertising design services from HAI TA MEDIA?

Steps to buy advertising content services: WEBSITE DESIGN Step 1: Customers please Zalo for a maximum of 30 minutes. Step 2: The client chooses the design price...


What do we obtain with spending Ads?

Movie commercials are so popular that they are boring for many people. Many consumers don't want to see. Advertising movies appear everywhere from TVs...
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