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How much does Hai Ta Media make YouTube content cost?

Usually the promotional clips do not exceed 1 minute. Devices displaying advertising content are electronic screens. The larger the value displayed on the display screen resolution, the smoother the moving picture will be. A resolution with a low value eg 480 x 360 in the table below will not display the correct image content on a TV or large screen such as a laptop or desktop computer.
Duration / Resolution< 5 seconds10 seconds30 seconds> 30 seconds
480 x 3601.500.000vnđ3.000.000vnđ9.000.000vnđCall Now
640 x 3602.000.000vnđ4.000.000vnđ12.000.000vnđCall Now
800 x 4802.500.000vnđ5.000.000vnđ15.000.000vnđCall Now
854 x 4803.000.000vnđ6.000.000vnđ18.000.000vnđCall Now
960 x 5403.500.000vnd7.000.000vnđ21.000.000vnđCall Now
960 x 6404.000.000vnđ8.000.000vnđ24.000.000vnđCall Now
1280 x 7204.500.000vnđ9.000.000vnđ27.000.000vnđCall Now
1280 x 8005.000.000vnđ10.000.000vnđ30.000.000vnđCall Now
1920 x 10805.500.000vnđ11.000.000vnđ33.000.000vnđCall Now
Quotation for Youtube content proposed by Hai Ta Media (reference)

Hai Ta Media’s statistics in market research show that the price of VND 9,000,000 for a 10-second clip at 1280 x 720 pixel resolution is the most ordered.

In this price range, many customers often ask us to ensure clip quality as follows:

  • The more camera angles you have about the physical product, the better.
  • The more entertaining the frame, the better.
  • The background music is as catchy as possible.

Most of our clients pay $ 9 million for this 10-second short film that isn’t highly demanding on a unique standout scenario. Customers often ask our side to highlight features that distinguish one product from another.

We make clips to advertise products and services for the following industries:

Short film advertising real estate: clip introduces the location of the apartment, clip introduces the interior and exterior of the house. The price range of a 10-second clip of a real estate introduction ranges from 9 million to 15 million VND depending on the area, size, number of interior and exterior details of the property.

Furniture promotional short film: clip introducing wooden furniture, decorative lights, room decorations, art furniture with special meaning. Price range of a 10-second clip introduces furniture ranging from VND 8 million to VND 9 million. The more functional and detailed an object increases the cost of making a product introduction clip.

The short film advertises electronics such as audio-visual equipment, home appliances, and hand tools. Equipment for sports such as treadmill, gym machine. Depending on customers who want to introduce outside the product or the internal components, the cost of making a 10-second clip can range from 5 million to 9 million VND.

A fashion clip with a wide selection of male and female models. The price range of a 10-second clip introduces clothing is 9 million to 11 million VND.

Clip advertising financial services such as stock brokers, investment funds and business. Depending on the complexity of the script and the way of expressing with real actors or virtual characters, the price of the clip ranges from 7 million to 15 million VND per clip.

Clip advertising online courses related to behavioral communication skills, professional skills, engineers, technicians. The cost of making this clip for 10 seconds is about 8 million to 13 million VND depending on a complicated or simple scenario.

The clip for the holiday promotions needs creative and entertaining content. The price range of a 10-second clip to introduce the promotion is an average of 11 million per clip depending on the duration of the program long or short.

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