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“I Am Reno”: OPPO’s innovative advertising campaign

Rookie OPPO Reno has faced a big challenge when entering the market: escaping from the shadow of previous OPPO products to shine in his own way. How did Reno do that? Using the main Product Concept (Renovation – Innovation) can strongly inspire and resonate throughout the young community?

In June 2019, the Reno series was released to the market with the mission of upgrading OPPO’s image. Following the reputation of the F-series, the Reno series aims to become the mainstay product line of OPPO mid-high segment (7-15 million) with the first new “shark fin” design, super night photography with Camera 48MP, 16MP selfie camera, especially 10x Zoom technology built into the 13MP resolution telephoto sensor.

With the slogan “Exceeding the Standard of Vision”, Reno series is committed to doing our best for a better, more advanced customer experience with flawless beauty, overcoming limits, and innovation in design.

Despite its many pluses, in the midst of a huge $ 4 billion smartphone market, OPPO Reno still faces the classic marketing question: How do customers know.

The OPPO Reno aims to have two clear communication goals:

In terms of brand awareness (Brand Awareness): OPPO wants customers to position the Reno Series as a high-end – near-premium product.
Product aspect (Product Awareness): Affirming the unique selfie camera of OPPO Reno through sliding camera “shark fin”, bold and innovative in the segment.
With the mission of making a difference and constantly pursuing comprehensive innovation, OPPO Reno wants to associate himself with the word Renovation – Innovation. Therefore, the brand has put all its strength into identifying itself with the creative language in this campaign.

The target audience for OPPO Reno is a special generation of young people with different thoughts and behaviors, born and raised in the age of the Internet. According to a survey, 58% of Gen Z consumers are interested in advertising with humorous content, 51% interested in interesting stories, and 50% interested in good music. Exposure to an open network world, they are familiar with technology, easily attracted to community entertainment activities, and sensitive to new things.

This object possesses in itself the creative capacity and desires to be revealed. It is the most expensive Insight that OPPO Reno finds and lays the foundation for all the ideas and activities of the campaign.

The desire to express creativity is the lever that brings young people to OPPO Reno. With OPPO Reno phones in hand, customers will feel the creativity coming from the unique design (Emotional need), and take advantage of the features that were born with the purpose of satisfying and awakening the light. created in each youth (Functional need).

Thereby the brand wants to convey the message: Creativity needs to be revealed by expressing yourself. The imagination and adventure of young people will be aroused by technology, helping you to create a creative work, thereby giving the community unique experiences.

Launching campaign wants to inspire not only the creative community, but also spread to all young people, creating opportunities for them to express their egos through “seeds Reno “is unique inside yourself.

Big idea
From the mission of satisfying the creative thirst to confirm the ego of young people and the strategic analysis of OPPO, the idea “I am Reno” was born.

“I am Reno” because creativity is not far away, but from a different Reno perspective of each person. When inspired by their own creativity, young people will enjoy a different sense of the world around them, thereby realizing that simple everyday life is full of miracles. The creativity of “I Am Reno” is colorful and boundless.

Blending elements of “Reno”: inspiration; creative; vision (vision) and adventurous (adventure), OPPO has created Key visual, a colorful Mockup Logo “RENO”, by using familiar items with the desire to light up a brilliant and infinite flame in each fish multiply.

This is also an inspirational signal to urge young people to have a creative view from everyday life.


The campaign took place throughout June and July 2019 with exciting activities such as Master Clip “Reno Squad”; Community contest “I Am Reno” and a series of articles and billboards creating great coverage. for the campaign.

It can be said that this is one of the few campaigns that use influencer marketing smoothly, appropriately and skillfully, helping to spread the campaign to users naturally.

Content Video
Activity 1: Content Video

Master Video “Reno Squad”

Time: June 6 – June 12

Master Clip “Reno Squad” of OPPO Revo with the participation of four characters representing the keywords that make up the meaning of Reno, including: Inspiration; Creative; Vision; Adventurous.

Each character comes from different specialties but starts from a burning flame of creativity that brings impressive works from different perspectives. With that gravity, Master clip “Squad Reno” has spread fire to nearly seven million people after just one month.

Creation Contest – I’m Reno

Activity 2: Social

“I am Reno” contest

Time: June 12 – July 12

The focus of the whole campaign is the contest “I am Reno” with the aim of building a community of modern thinking and spirit individuals.

Because if you are always full of creative inspiration, see the world around you with completely new perspectives, or simply start from the belief of a seed of creativity that is sleeping and waiting to bloom inside. yourself, young people must participate in this contest to reach, be inspired, or elevate the arts to a new level.

The contest accepts the test in all three categories (category) to create opportunities for young people from different fields, including: (1) Creative Vlog: Posting the contest vlog showing creativity in the way of making or content (2) Pop-art artwork: Posting pictures of people and tourism in colorful Pop-art style (3) Reno logo creation: Design 1 Reno logo with your own creative style.

Unlike other community competitions that are based entirely on Likes / Shares, the scoring of the contest “I am Reno” combines 50% of the community’s welcome score and 50% of the jury’s score. It takes a lot of efforts from the Organizing Committee of OPPO but the value is immeasurable: Fairness-Justice-Transparency, the top factors of any major competition.

Contest prizes include:

  • 1 Special Prize: A tour of 2 people worth VND 40,000,000
  • 3 First prize: OPPO Reno 10x Zoom phone worth 20,990,000 VND
  • 5 Extra Prize: OPPO Reno standard version phone worth VND 12,990,000

Regardless of the category, the scoring criteria are based on their own personality and the breakthrough creativity in the works. In the first two weeks alone, the “I Am Reno” contest received over five hundred impressive entries in all three categories.

Activity 3: Influencer

This is a campaign with the participation of both major KOLs and Micro KOLs to create prestige and spread for the competition in every corner of the online world.

  • The first is that the main KOLs of the campaign work hard to produce creative works under their main subject (Reno) but from the perspective of their area of ​​expertise. For example:
  • Tim Pham’s video is a drawing of Xuan Ha Thu Dong, representing the creative windows in each person (Inspiration).
  • Thuy Nguyen – fashion designer with clip about the inspiration from the shark fin design of OPPO Reno products appeared in a shark fin breast cup dress for Miss Huong Giang (Creative).
  • Photographer Tang Tang with black and white and color images when stitched together will appear the word Reno (Vision). Thereby, Reno also demonstrates the beauty of near and far view, while highlighting Reno’s unique 10x zoom feature.
  • Travel blogger Ha Truc with a trip to save moments in Da Lat with his best friend with 4K video images shot mostly in Reno (Adventurous).
  • Maxk Nguyen with a clip animation showing the function of seeing the world through many different lenses, a metaphor for the 10x zoom mode of the OPPO Reno camera.
  • Next, it was the turn of the KOL microphones, who have a certain influence in the creative community such as Ky Anh, Ly Thanh Co, Toan Juno, Nguoi Da …, enthusiastically participated in the contest and created a spread. exaggerated for the “I’m Reno” contest.

Out of Home
Activity 4: Billboard

At the same time, a series of large and eye-catching billboards with stylized RENO letters have been installed on the main roads of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi (such as Nguyen Van Troi Street HCM, Kim Ma and Nguyen Thai Hoc HN and other large airports nationwide) made a strong impression on and engraved the brand image in the minds of consumers, creating a resonance for the brand between offline and online.

Activity 5: PR

Articles about OPPO Reno appear on both youth channels (Channel 14) and technology channels (Techz, VnReview), providing information about products and conveying the spirit of the campaign ” I’m Reno “.


So far, the campaign “I am Reno” has achieved proud success:

More than 1,052 entries entered the contest: This is a great achievement for a contest that requires a lot of brainpower like “I am Reno”
Masthead video reaches over 7.4 million views
Most importantly, OPPO has been properly committed to doing its best for a better customer experience
Having to solve a difficult problem in many aspects, but the promotional campaign of OPPO Reno has shown the ingenuity of a Marketing project, which can be summarized with 2 highlights as follows:

  1. Use Influencer Marketing effectively: The fun of this campaign lies in the smooth and appropriate use of Influencer Marketing, including KOLs and Micro KOLs, which contributes to the pervasiveness of the competition. This creates diversity and uniqueness for the message. With a great influence on their own community, these KOLs both interpret Reno features in creative language, and act as ambassadors to bring the OPPO Reno brand to many people.
  2. Utilizing reputable units to develop contest platform: Instead of creating a separate microsite, OPPO has taken advantage of Channel 14 as the foundation for the contest “I am Reno”. This both contributes to the reputation and prestige of the contest in a short time, while creating resonance (by the same audience) for the campaign itself and Channel 14.

Translated by Hoai Thi

Source from: Brands Vietnam

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