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Logitech celebrates 39 years of branding: “Swiss it up” campaign

“Swiss It Up” is a major media campaign in 2020 of Logitech in Vietnam, in the context of the 39-year-old company and at this time there are many marketing activities on a global scale. In Vietnam, the campaign affirms the difference and strength of the brand – product quality, exquisite design of a reputable Swiss technology firm.
Not simply a regular birthday promotion or event, the “Swiss It Up” campaign is an integrated marketing program with a strategy consistent with the marketing objectives of the year and a series of tactics of applying communication channels effectively, in order to convey the message with strong persuasion, to the target audience.


Logitech was founded in 1981, in the village of Apples, Switzerland. As of 2020, this brand has 39 years of history with important turning points in strategic changes, as well as a creative orientation and breakthrough in business results.

On the international market, there is no denying the success and strong development of Logitech in many fields such as PC, Music, Gaming, Streaming, Online meeting … Especially, this Swiss brand is also possible. dubbed the world’s leading manufacturer of mice and keyboards with many outstanding achievements such as: creating the world’s first wireless mouse (Cordless MouseMan) in 1991, creating the first Laser mouse in the world. 2004…

Logitech profits have grown more than fivefold between 2013 and the end of fiscal 2020, ending in March. In fiscal 2020, the company enjoyed a fifth year of double-digit sales growth, with record sales and gross margins. Logitech products have reached users through a network of retailers and electronic stores in more than 100 countries and markets including North America, Europe, Emerging Markets …

Logitech was founded on October 2, 1981 in Switzerland

However, in the fierce competition in the consumer technology industry, Logitech invests constantly in its core strengths, which are design and quality in each product. In particular, for the thriving Vietnamese market, the presence of a series of brands and many similar models, the efforts of the brand from Switzerland have used Marketing strategies. suitable for enhancing premium user experience.

Therefore, the campaign “Swiss It Up” was born on the occasion of 39 years of establishment, both a thank you to the generations of Vietnamese consumers for trusting, choosing, and introducing products and products. Swiss elite in every Logitech product.


Enhance brand value by reinforcing Brand Differentiation through quality, design, technology, warranty and sustainable values.
From there, developing brand position in the minds of users through brand recognition (Brand recognition), encouraging users to make product decisions (Brand preference).

Big idea

“Swiss It Up”

As a Swiss-born brand, Logitech puts innovation and product quality first in all its business philosophies. That is demonstrated by the continuous improvement with modern technologies, in order to bring the best experience to users through a diverse and unique product portfolio.

“Swiss It Up” has two layers of meaning. This is both an affirmation of the origin of premium quality and elite design in every Logitech product, and the desire and effort that the company always strives for – delivering the best values, the quintessence. Swiss technology to Vietnamese consumers, step by step contributing to bringing the technology market in Vietnam to a new level.


Create an information platform for the campaign through 3 communication channels: Event, PR and Social, cooperation with brands (Co-branding / Brand partnership) and point-of-sale marketing (Joint Marketing, Online marketing).

Convey a consistent message to your target audience that Logitech is a premium technology brand from Switzerland, delivering quality products and bringing lasting value to the user.

PR activities serve as the main circuit of the campaign to guide awareness and develop brand image in the minds of users. Then the Social / Influencer channel helps spread a strong message and increase persuasion. And the Event channel on the 39th anniversary is the strongest “Hit” (key hook) to create leverage as well as link the overall campaign.

The main target groups of the campaign are classified into 3 main groups: (1) the technology market (Industry) – partners and large enterprises in the technology sector; (2) media (Media & KOL) and (3) consumers (End-users).

Specifically, the campaign consists of 3 phases:

  1. Start-up: The campaign was launched on September 19 with evocative activities when the message “Swiss It Up” first appeared on e-commerce sites such as Lazada, Shopee … with the companionship of merchants. Other major brands like Maybelline, LG … This appearance arouses curiosity and curiosity for users, as well as sows the first hint of Logitech’s 39th anniversary event.
  2. Boom: During this period, the campaign was officially shaped and exploded through a series of consistent and strongly linked communication activities: Logitech website on VnExpress, Logitech event For 39 years, advertising on Social Platform, advertising on CGV cinema system, a series of KOL posts, strategies for combining with Maybelline and LG, a series of promotions at many major online commerce sites …
  3. Engagement: With the mission of spreading the message, PR articles about brand value, brand stories in the media as well as social media and information about a series of new products entering the Vietnamese market are the end of the opening. good for campaign, help spread and attract the attention of users.


Specialist page “Logitech – Swiss Tech For Life” is present on the largest website in Vietnam – VnExpress from 22/9 to 22/10, including 4 categories including Products, Consulting, Video, News.

Here, Logitech offers a 360-degree view of its products including a series of short PR articles on: product manuals, tips, expert reviews, exclusive world-class technologies, In-depth suggestions for users …

Fixed on the sub-page of Digitization – VnExpress, specializing in the website to a multi-dimensional view of the Swiss quality of Logitech, helping users to have full information about the brand as well as the product.

In particular, with this site, Logitech succeeds in attracting the attention of users with the latest products, convincing in both quality and design. The products are always at the forefront of new trends and meet the standards of fastidious users’ experience in the Americas and Europe. All are getting ready for the arrival of these products in the Vietnamese market.


Organized as a press conference model, the Logitech event celebrates 39 years of branding with mass media and partner participation.

During the event, Logitech designed 3-zone experience zones to meet the diverse needs of users: Work & Learn, Meet and Play. Participants are even more delighted to experience working and entertainment areas with 4 consumer styles: Lifestyle, Power users, Work from home and Work anywhere.

The Logitech representative then shared details about Logitech’s development history, business philosophy and achievements over the past 39 years. More importantly, through the event, Logitech officially launched a series of new products such as MX Master 3 mouse, MX Anywhere 3 mouse, MX Keys keyboard, MK470 keyboard mouse, keyboard for iPad, Logitech Combo Touch , G Pro X gaming headset …

It is noteworthy that a number of Logitech products that have just been launched in foreign markets are also available in Vietnam, which shows the timeliness of Logitech Vietnam, further demonstrates the direction of the message. Swiss It Up – brings core values ​​and enhances technology in a potential Vietnamese market.

Consumer Promotion

A highlight of the program is that Logitech has cooperated with many leading brands in Lifestyle fields such as LG, CGV, Maybelline … to engage with consumers nationwide.

Accompanying activities such as: TVC, Digital banner, Minigame on CGV’s media channels and theater systems; promotions with LG Gram and Maybelline; coverage with partner brands on a series of major e-commerce sites …

This is considered a bold and new step for Logitech. However, if a clearer look at the development direction with a series of youthful and dynamic lifestyle products that are being promoted by Logitech in the Vietnamese market, then the strategy to accompany Lifestyle brands is the step. go smart to stay ahead of the orientation: “Technology helps to enjoy life”.


Logitech Global Brand Equity Creative Reel 2020



To spread the message and emphasize the event on Social platforms, the KOL / Influencer channel is an effective choice.

Logitech has a sophisticated choice of partnering with industry leaders (KOL – Expert) to deliver reliable views of events and brand messages. In addition, selected influencers have the same profiles in the High-tech and Lifestyle domains, so the message is conveyed to the right groups of users in these two industries.


In addition, Logitech also constantly updates the brand’s activities on the Fanpage.


Logitech Vietnam Facebook page: 50% increase in visits in 1 week from October 1-7, 2020.
Number of interactions asking and wanting to order new products: 100% increase in traffic information on the CRM fanpage of Logitech.
Events: There were more than 60 press agencies, forums, 33 distribution partners and brand partners.
Specialized page on VnExpress: Lasting from September 22 to October 22, with a total of 42 articles and videos, attracting 2.1 million visitors during the first 3 weeks.
PR: After the event, the campaign had more than 43 informational articles and a bunch of photos, along with many video reviews of new events and products, posted and TV broadcasts on HTV9, total access to 1 7 million people.
KOL / Influencer: There are a total of 17 posts from Tech experts / specialist sites, reaching 5.5 million views.

Translated by Hoai Thi

Source from: Brands Vietnam

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