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Not Advertisement Or Must Advertise ?

No advertising occurs when the more customers are advertised, but the capacity of the company or organization providing goods and services cannot meet the order. In fact, if organizations and companies are satisfied with their current sales without advertising, the problem of conquering customers will be more difficult.
Advertising is the most understandable and creative way for an organization to gain new customers and protect existing market share. It is not necessary to advertise products that have proven brands that are always expected and trusted. The easiest explanation is if you have 1 million customers on the fanpage before. You simply post a photo of a new product that more than 50% of fans know.
Ads can also be easier to understand with word analysis. Advertisement is as widespread as advertised. The fox is not a fox, but a news report that informs many people about new information. In this sense, most new products or new services are looking for places where people are crowded with people to disclose information. In the past it was markets, the capital, today advertising on smartphones accounts for an overwhelming proportion of advertisements on desktop computers, laptops, and television sets.
Having to advertise and pay for advertising is a must in any business that is confident in its new product. Can not cut the advertising money for new services due to the tight budget. It is impossible to completely cut off the advertising budget in the next 12 months for the reason that it relied on the old Grapes saying "organic and natural incense". Must advertise more strongly for products that have a good reputation in order to win market share of consumers in front of competitors in the same industry.
Currently, the amount of advertising associated with many online advertising channels such as Google, social networks, OTT messaging networks like Zalo is increasingly flexible for many people with less money to choose to use. So, we automatically watch hourly ads on social networks Facebook. Most people don't delete it or press the button to report back to Facebook of inappropriate content.
If you are a young business person in your 20s or an aunt who starts selling online (on-hybrid sales) and is over 40 years old, you will need to try advertising online once. Zalo, Facebook, Google now. In our experience, just spend 100K / day to get used to installing an on - lai advertising campaign already.

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