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P / S – The adventure of King Leo and friends

85% of Vietnamese children aged 6-8 years old with baby tooth decay, according to the Central Dental Hospital, which is the harmful effect of lazy brushing twice a day. However, parents are also responsible, as 30% admit that they often skip brushing their child’s teeth every night. P / S – with a commitment to protect smiles Vietnam has launched a campaign to change this bad habit. Thanks to the breakthrough and effective use of technology, the campaign is continuously honored at many awards such as MMA Global 2019 and WARC Media 2020.


For young children, brushing teeth is a pain, both boring and taking up little play time. Parents are also not happier when they have to “struggle” to force their children to brush their teeth twice a day. Despite understanding the importance of dental health, about 30% of parents admit that they often neglect to help children brush their teeth every night. Consequently, according to the Central Dental Hospital, 85% of Vietnamese children aged 6-8 years old have baby tooth decay.

Facing this situation, P / S – The toothpaste brand with the mission to protect the smile in Vietnam cannot “stand and watch”. In 2018, P / S strives to develop new lines of toothbrushes and toothpaste suitable for each child’s developmental stage. The new product line has a pleasant scent that simulates cute cartoon characters to help children love brushing time more. But it seems that this effort is not enough to change the situation.


  • Marketing Objective: Increase the amount of trials for new children’s products, by converting children who are still sharing toothpaste with parents to using their own products.
  • Communication objectives: Enhance P / S brand attributes


  • Target Audience: The target audience for the campaign is parents (especially mothers aged 25-35) and children aged 5-12. Because in the process of building a habit of brushing teeth for children, it is indispensable for parents’ participation in monitoring and guidance. Besides, even though parents are the ones who make shopping decisions, babies often “tap gifts”. Thus, to increase the amount of trial, P / S must both create goodwill to parents and attract the attention of children with the new product line.
  • Consumer Insight: Children often have a rich imagination. Babies love to participate in adventures where they become the main character in the story. Besides, many studies also show that an action repeated in 21 days has the ability to root into a sustainable habit in the future.
  • Media Insight: The target group the campaign is targeting is already familiar with technology – 80% of babies use mobile devices for at least 2 hours a day. And parents are usually the ones controlling the content that children interact with, 70% of parents participate with children in activities using mobile phones (such as watching videos, playing games …).
    Understand that babies need parental support while brushing their teeth, and the two often spend time together on mobile devices, so design a unique experience on a phone or tablet. is a key factor to be able to reach the target group effectively.

At the same time, the activity should bring about an exciting journey lasting at least 21 days to maintain the interest of participation of the children, while creating a connection with the new product line. All are aimed at conquering the children, getting to the parents’ hearts thanks to promoting children to actively brush their teeth.

Big idea

The Adventures of King Leo and Friends

‘The adventures of King Leo and friends’ (such as Ngu Phu Frank, Son Duong Mike, Captain Jean…) are inspired by the cartoon characters printed on the new product line’s packaging. In the 21-day journey, every night is a new challenge and character to guide the children through the exciting oral hygiene, making them look forward to brushing time.

In order for the child to truly become the main character in the story, P / S and Mindshare have developed AR technology: Just a smart device with a front camera, both mother and baby can seem to jump on the journey. and interact directly with characters.


The campaign is implemented in the summer period, when the time of mobile device usage increases, and communication is pushed to both mother and baby through appropriate channels. All activities are geared towards using AR on mobile devices to participate in the 21-day journey of changing brushing behavior. The music catches the ear and the fun interactive activities both attract and teach children to brush their teeth properly.


To begin with, P / S launched a TVC to create awareness and spark parents’ curiosity about the campaign. The content is a picture of mothers struggling to force their children to brush their teeth to elicit empathy among parents. Right after that, P / S made a promise to make tooth brushing no longer boring through ‘The amazing adventure of a mother with big teeth and small teeth ‘. Mothers’ grief resolution messages are simply sent to P / S via Facebook page.

Brush and play, learn new things with P / S


However, it is still possible that mothers will forget to send messages to P / S, so it is very important to have reminiscent articles posted on community sites such as Women’s Magazine, Eva Vietnam … Below Each post is a direct link to the message box with P / S Smile Protection Vietnam. Here, mothers just need to enter some basic information such as the number, the child’s name and the desired brushing time. Chatbot on Facebook Messenger will personalize the message, give reminders with a link to access the AR feature every night when it is time to brush your teeth.

Content Video

To attract and make kids excited to join the journey, P / S has partnered with Popjam, a social networking application designed to be friendly for children under 13 years old, posting a series of 21 funny animated videos. Get excited about a mom with big teeth and a baby tooth overcoming different brushing challenges together. Add to that the fun song ‘My hands’ by little Ha Mi and Gia Khiem when participating in the activity of brushing and playing with cute characters makes the child audiences unable to take their eyes off.

Cartoon series ‘Con rang to me rang nho’
MV ‘Hai ban tay cua em’


At the same time, to make the journey more authentic, P / S released the eBook ‘The adventure of a mother with big teeth and a small tooth’, giving mothers more stories to tell their children in the journey. teeth every day. The book’s content follows the mother and daughter on an adventure around the world from Italy to the Atlantic and meet talented animal friends in the places they set foot. You will discover the “great techniques” of brushing your teeth that can help them return home.

The ebook book


At the same time to spread campaign information and enhance brand affection, P / S cooperated to post on sites that mothers often read (such as afamily.vn and mevacon.com.vn). The contents of the articles introduce the ways that P / S has accompanied to bring good oral health to Vietnamese children, and at the same time introduce the ‘brushing and playing’ journey that can help children form a habit. used to brush teeth for 21 days.

Video Case-study

Case-study PS ‘The Adventure with King Leo and Friends’


Business results

Sales of children’s products increased by 19%, increasing the sales of this product line of P / S to 22% right after 1 month of launching the campaign.

Marketing Results

Reach out and persuade more than 14 million mothers and their children to join the journey. This has helped increase P / S’s children’s product line penetration to 130 bps in the urban market.

Communication results

P / s is a brand for family member” attribute increased by 6%
The attribute “P / s helps build family brushing habits” increased by 3%


  • Silver Award Effective Use of TechWARC Media Awards 2020
  • Gold PrizeAR / VR Category – MMA Global and APAC 2019
  • Sliver AwardMessaging Category – MMA Global 2019
  • Gold AwardBest Brand Experience in Mobile Rich Media Category- MMA Vietnam


Through skillful and creative application of technology, P / S has excellently fulfilled their commitment to protecting Vietnamese smiles by building a habit of brushing twice a day for children. Not only that, the campaign also helped create growth for P / S’s children’s product line.

Translated by Hoai Thi

Source from: Brands Vietnam

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