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The campaign to celebrate 25 years of operation in Vietnam ‘Unilever – Raising life, fortification in the future’

With Unilever Vietnam, Purposeful Marketing is a guideline, applied throughout the strategy of each sub-brand. In particular, each brand is an effort to create common values, build brand meaning and spread positive values to the community. At the MMA Impact Vietnam 2020 conference, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Van, Chairwoman of Unilever Vietnam also affirmed this: To conquer consumers, each brand needs to find its guideline, a mission to positive values. That vision of Unilever has been clearly shown in the campaign to commemorate 25 years of operation in Vietnam ‘Unilever – Raising life, fortification in the future’.


25 years since joining the Vietnamese market, Unilever has always pursued the mission of improving the quality of life of consumers. That mission is first and foremost in continuously improving and improving the quality of the product lines. Currently, every day, about 35 million products of the group are used by consumers nationwide (statistics from Unilever).

In addition, Unilever also continuously implements many useful community programs such as’ P / S Protect Vietnamese Smiles’, ‘Wash hands with soap for a healthy Vietnam’, ‘OMO dedicates the playground. for children ‘,’ VIM Clean toilets’, ‘Microfinance for Poor Women’ …

These activities all reflect the strategy of Creating Shared Value (CSV) of the business. The CSV strategy is shown specifically in each sub-brand, each brand is an effort to reinforce the brand’s meaning, improve product quality, and demonstrate the role of the business to the community and the environment.

However, consumers mostly only know sub-brands but do not know much about the Unilever brand. Therefore, on the 25th anniversary of its operation, the enterprise decided to launch the campaign ‘Unilever – Raising life, fortification in the future’ to reinforce the image of the parent brand, marking a new stage on the business journey. joint sustainability.


Strengthening Unilever Vietnam’s position, as well as the image of key sub-brands: OMO, P / S, Clear, Lifebuoy, Knorr, Vim.
Reasserting the sustainable business goals of the business.


In this campaign, the brand chooses the main target group of Gen Z, the generation of digital natives.

Many data show that the influence of Gen Z is expanding and changing the picture of consumption. According to Nielsen, in Vietnam, by 2025, Gen Z will reach 15 million people, contribute 21% of employees, and contribute 30% to the number of connected consumers.

Born and raised as mobile phones and digital thrive, Gen Z is the generation that aspires to experience in different ways to shape individual identities, and is also a generation that is particularly interested in Social Issues. This is also a challenge and an opportunity for Unilever and its sub-brands to implement social responsibility campaigns.


In order to mark the 1/4 century milestone that Unilever accompanies Vietnamese consumers, businesses choose Gen Z as the “messenger” to spread positive values. First of all, by 2020, the largest age group of this generation will be 25 years old, equal to the 25-year period of Unilever in Vietnam. At this age, they have begun to enter the stage of career building and family life, becoming the core economic force of the country. And finally, Gen Z is the generation that always wants to do good and cares about social issues.

Therefore, to conquer Gen Z, in this campaign, Unilever decided to emphasize the CSV strategy embodied in each brand. With the spice brand Knorr, the company advocates implementing communication and education programs to provide nutrition knowledge for mothers in rural areas. As for Lifebuoy and VIM, Unilever aims to change hygiene habits, keep children healthy and provide a clean school environment. Or P / S aims to build proper oral hygiene habits, and raise the sense of oral care for the community. OMO focused on building playgrounds, planting trees in many schools, building protective forests. Clear is also responsible for adding practical skills to young people in the face of challenges and pressure.

And there are many other brands, with different brand meanings: Love Beauty and Planet, Seventh Generation with recycled packaging and eco-friendly products, minimizing harm to the environment; Closeup encourages young people to love freely, to close distance; Dove encourages women to be confident with their bodies; Sunlight brings programs to help Vietnamese women do business with confidence …

Big idea

Unilever 25 years – Raising life, firmly in the future

Improving life: In the near future, Unilever continues to accompany the Vietnamese life through quality products and programs such as Lifebuoy field hand washing station, Green – Clean – Healthy schools, a green area for Protection Forest…

Strong future: In the distant future, Unilever continues to carry out companion activities towards creating a sustainable future for the community.


In order to connect effectively with Gen Z, the enterprise launched the “Gen Z Design – Future Design” contest in combination with the launch of the “Sustainable Vietnam Fund”. In addition, other activities such as Content Video, Social, PR contribute to spreading contest information and fundraising activities to the community.


Understanding Gen Z, Unilever organized a design contest ‘Gen Z Design – Design the future’ to give Gen Z the opportunity to express himself in his own way with the requirement of “illustrating Gen Z’s wishes for Vietnam. Nam in the future ”on the packaging of products familiar to Vietnamese consumers such as OMO, Lifebuoy, Knorr, Clear and Vim.

On the other hand, the nature of caring for the community also motivates Gen Z to participate in the contest and join hands to raise funds ‘Stronger Vietnam’. Because for each like / share for the contest designs, Unilever will contribute 1,000 VND to this fund.

In addition, Unilever has also built a website to disseminate information about Vietnam Sustainable Fund and Unilever’s 25-year journey. The landing pages all attracted the attention of young people thanks to their eye-catching interface and friendly design.


At the end of 10 years of implementation of Unilever’s Sustainable Development Plan (USLP), this business has achieved some impressive achievements over 3 central goals (improving health and living conditions, reducing impact on the environment) schools, improving livelihoods) with projects such as’ For a healthier Vietnam ‘,’ A clean toilet journey ‘,’ Improving the quality of life for women through business and education development. health education ‘… Besides, Unilever also recorded 99% of emissions and 42% of water use are reduced during the production of products at factories.

Following that success, in 2020, Unilever established the Vietnam Sustainable Fund to accompany Vietnamese consumers to overcome many challenges in life in the coming journey.

The Vietnam Sustainable Fund plans to fund three community projects, consistent with Unilever’s sustainable development strategy: ‘Clean Green School’, ‘Vietnamese women do business with confidence’, ‘Planting trees Green for Protection Forests’.

In which, ‘Clean and Green School’ focuses on upgrading sanitation, creating hygiene habits and physical activities for primary school students. ‘Vietnamese women do business confidently, aiming to finance potential business ideas, especially in remote areas. And ‘Planting trees for protection forests’ contributes to strengthening the green areas of forests, preventing negative impacts from climate change.

Thanks to clever approach to Gen Z, the design contest attracted nearly 3,000 entries, initially raised VND 500,000,000.

Content Video

To promote consumer awareness of the Unilever brand, the company launched a video to celebrate its 25th anniversary, emphasizing Unilever’s companionship in Vietnamese life with a series of familiar products and community activities from OMO, Lifebuoy, Vim, P / S, Knorr, Dove, Clear even Lipton.

The video also shows Unilever’s companionship with consumers from rural to urban areas, from childhood to marriage. The video opens with a scene of a Vietnamese village with a rice field, a village of bamboo, a buffalo and a mother grazing by a package of OMO detergent. After that, the frame changed to a modern life with outstanding activities COVID-19 season of Unilever: Lifebuoy field hand washing station. Finally, the video also looks at the role of protecting and accompanying the Vietnamese family of brands VIM, P / S, Knorr, Dove, Clear, Lipton.

The whole video aims to convey the message and thanks from Unilever “We will be together forever, from now until after, for a colorful future together”. The lyrics spread optimism with anti-epidemic consumers, the cheerful rhythm and vibrant images help users easily remember the 25-year journey.

25 years together and forever


The brand decided to reach out and connect with Gen Z primarily through Social, with influencers in many different industries. Because, first of all, Gen Z are “digital natives”, highly connected, growing up in the context of mobile phones, smartphones and digital has thrived. This is also a group strongly influenced by influencers on social networks, up to one third of Gen Z asked saying “I choose that brand because the brand ambassador is my favorite”.

Brands implement activities on social networks corresponding to each stage of the campaign. This is a campaign with the participation from Mega-influencer to Micro-influencer to create prestige and spread for the competition across “nooks and crannies” of the online world.

In the Recognition phase, the brand combined with community fanpages spread posts reminiscent of “an intense childhood”, about childhood memories with Unilever’s products: Thang Fly, Doodles, Ba Gia Kieu Ca, My Brother and My Children, Go Home To Eat Rice, Red Beans Bounce, Little Things X X Xiu, Seven Colored Rabbits, Diep Bich Chy.

The brand followed with posts calling for participation in fundraising design competitions from influencers representing each brand: Đăng Khôi x Vim, Family Orange x Lifebuoy, Mango House P / S, Snail Thanh Van x Knorr, Toc Tien x Clear, Dong Nhi x OMO.

Also during this period, the community fan pages increased sharing articles to participate in the contest to encourage the community to participate in the contest: Thang Fly, Mrs. Gia Gioi Ca, Con Ma, Awkward or Cute, Clould Pillow Studio …

And finally, the brand cooperated with other influencers to share about the gifts of the contest and the Vietnam Golden Fund: Fabo Nguyen, Ly Thanh Co, Nguyen Hoang Chinh Nghia …


In order to increase the coverage of the contest and brand image, PR articles on online newspapers were posted continuously during the campaign. Content is flexibly changed in phases, revolving around 2 main types of content:

  • Entertainment articles: Targeting young readers with easily digestible and nostalgic content to increase awareness for the campaign.
  • Introductory article: The series aims to quickly communicate information about the competition, increasing awareness of the Vietnam Sustainable Fund.
    The brand chooses to deploy content on newspapers popular with young people and popular readers such as Channel 14, Zing News, Newspapers, VnExpress, Thanh Nien, Soha …


Communication Results

  • 362,500 interactions, reaching 6,800 audience on social networks
  • 25,000 views on YouTube
  • Nearly 3,000 entries
  • Raising funds is 500,000,000 VND


In keeping with Gen Z’s common interest and mentality, Unilever has succeeded in attracting and convincing a group of young people to attend and spread information on the campaign. In addition, the seriousness and strictness in the strategy have helped promote the message, reinforcing Unilever’s position in the market and in the hearts of consumers.

Translated by Hoai Thi

Source from: Brands Vietnam

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