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What do we obtain with spending Ads?

Movie commercials are so popular that they are boring for many people. Many consumers don't want to see. Advertising movies appear everywhere from TVs to apartment lifts, super large outdoor screens. Typically in this era, we watch movie advertisements on our personal Facebook accounts by default. Every time we watch movies on Youtube.com, most people have to watch many seconds of advertising. Here, the advertising film has become an attractive content that is both entertaining and introduces products and services.

Paying for the advertising film unit gives you the following benefits:

Increase the ad's attention-grabbing rate to potential customers using information technology platforms such as Google, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok ...
Have the opportunity to cooperate with famous music stars and artists to attract more fans to try their products and services.
With the same amount of hundred million dong spent for you to hear the logo designer persuade to pay for a small photo, you can make a promotional video with the participation of many famous people with pictures Great public enjoyment.
Money to publish a thousand-word article with a picture in a major online newspaper can also be used to make 10-second quality promotional movies.
Potential customers who have watched interesting and cheerful short promotional clips have a very high rate of recommending that advertisement clip to their friends around.
Likes, shares of advertising clips on social networks are increasingly higher than sharing still images with many confusing emojis.
For detailed physical products such as machinery, tools, and electronic home appliances, the short film ad significantly demonstrates the ability to accurately communicate new product functions. Product function description takes time, potential customers can watch the product description clip.
Especially for special products such as real estate, house drawings, villas in the future, potential customers only understand the final three-dimensional shape present in the future. They could not immediately understand the engineering designs of the engineers. In this case, a short 3-dimensional simulation showing the future design, structure of the house, interior is the only solution that will bring high marketing efficiency.

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