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What is the core of spending money on advertising?

Customers who take ad content lightly, often rely solely on reporting advertising campaign results. You base on the amount of money to have a customer contact the company as low as in the past, you like to get money immediately. Customers who have dropped money in this case ignore the core issue of advertising that is impacting people with audiovisual content.

The core issue of whether to spend money or not to spend money on advertising is in the quality of the content

There's no shortage of examples of advertising that have turned into media disasters. Having advertising content is misunderstood to violate local culture. There are advertising content that has been assessed for deception. There is a boring monotonous advertisement, for example, 3 pictures skimming the screen with some boxes of products and then all. There are products advertised by famous artists, but fans get bored after watching the ads. There are ads that infringe on the copyrights of scripts, characters, and music.
Many of our clients are often confused when making a decision to rate good content before advertising. Customers now have us beside consulting the quality of advertising content based on many professional criteria in coordination with each other. In most cases, we endeavor to use copyrighted or free materials to edit ad content. The cost of doing the advertising content will be higher but the quality will be better.
Ad content is rated well, the huge amount of money to promote it to tens of thousands of people is worth the money. Many of our customers worry for no reason to expose themselves lack of confidence with questions like "spending tens of millions of money on content to sell goods?". Whether your business or business can sell goods or not depends on your business philosophy, leadership style. We make good advertising content. For example, if you invite a famous singer to play an advertisement, you will increase your competitiveness. Today, we are also creating characters in the virtual world to attract young consumers who are interested in advertising content.

Hai Ta Media is an advertising consultancy and content creator who is always alert to the classic failures mentioned above when consulting clients. Hai Ta Media is confident in understanding culture, art, and technology to create impressive advertising films for the brand.

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