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Why do I hire Hai Ta Media to make YouTube movies?

Why do I hire Hai Ta Media to make YouTube movies
Why do I hire Hai Ta Media to make YouTube movies
I hired Hai Ta Media to make a movie to post Youtube because this unit made me satisfied with service. We often argue with each other to hire someone to implement the idea of ​​making a clip of the group that posts Youtube.com. This member suggested using the phone to dial the product for a few minutes and then post Youtube. The leader of the group came up with the idea of ​​making a short clip with a product promotion script. In the end, we negotiated with each other to find a company that specializes in consulting on this issue. After spending many hours wandering the internet, the name Hai Ta Media made us curious to click on Zalo.

Professional consulting team

Indeed, the consultant of Hai Ta Media company who made our team leader was the most surprised. Because the leader of the group was unexpectedly instructed on the steps to make a very specific Youtube channel clip. The recording of short movies (clips) by phone is just raw materials, fragments of content. The clip on the phone uses a variety of available clip effects, so the frame that needs to show off the product is hidden and distorted. We shook for even an hour, but the team still had a member who did not compliment the clip of advertising edited products on smartphones. Hai Ta Media staff to advise on making a video on Vietnam Youtube needs to first write a "sketch" script. Then there are small scenes with different purposes. Finally, determine what information to include in the clip. Movie effects must be suitable, not put in, and then warned by Youtube for copyright infringement.

Clear plan, dedicated service

As a result, after paying for consulting via Zalo about 30 minutes to Hai Ta Media, we reassigned the work in the group more suitable. Hai Ta Media has been selected as the editing partner for mobile film commercials by us. The cost of making YouTube content is quite flexible for first-time customers. Time to complete a short 60-second clip is also reasonable with about 3 days of demo, 7 days of delivery of the complete clip. The attitude of cooperation between the Youtube company and our group is relatively market-oriented. Every 24 hours, Hai Ta Media unit updates the clip making progress. We include the scriptwriter of Hai Ta Media happily arguing for the script to satisfy most of the nod of approval from team members.
The voiceover for the clip is also quite interesting. We have a choice of several available male and female voices. Finally, we decided to record on our own by phone and then hire Hai Ta Media to edit the sound to make it "warmer".

Good price

We have an "eye-catching" clip for the team at a reasonable cost in the right time frame. Because our budget was not in time compared to the contract signed with Hai Ta Media, we asked them to liquidate the contract more flexibly for us. The contract manager helped us to delay our payment deadline by a few days. Considering the whole process of cooperation, we choose to hire Hai Ta Media to make a film to publish the clip because this partner has very psychological staff, very quick to create content according to our ideas. This partner is worth the money to hire a consultant to deploy advertising clip content.

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