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Google removed 2,500 YouTube channels with links to China

VietTimes – Explaining the purge this time, Google said it was part of its efforts to combat misinformation on the world’s largest video-sharing platform.

Photo: Reuters

On August 6, Google announced it had removed more than 2,500 YouTube channels related to Beijing as part of an effort to eliminate misinformation on the video-sharing platform.

Google said the above YouTube channels were removed between April and June of this year, part of “part of our ongoing investigation of related coordinated influential activities.” with China. “

Overall, the channels posted “spam, unrelated to political” content but also had a small number of political issues, the company said in a quarterly news regarding the battle. Translation against false information of the company.

Google did not disclose the names of specific YouTube channels that were removed, but rather mentioned that they were similar to a campaign to post false information on Twitter discovered by social media analytics firm Graphika in April / 2020.

The Chinese embassy in the US has yet to comment on the information. Beijing has previously denied allegations that it was involved in spreading false information.

According to Reuters, false information originating from abroad has become a concern for US politicians and technology companies since the 2016 Presidential election when hackers were involved. in conjunction with the Russian government has released hundreds of confusing information on the social network ecosystem.

Over the past four years, in order to avoid repeating what happened in 2016, companies like Google and Facebook have regularly updated how they deal with misinformation propagated online.

by VietTimes

Translated by Thanh Tran

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