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Google will block all ads related to malware on all platforms

Google is the leading provider of ad control. Over the past few years, the company that owns the most popular browser platform in the world has launched a number of measures to manage abusive advertising behavior on Chrome that can be offensive or harmful to users. Mountain View Company currently plans to block all ads related to malware, such as promoting spyware, tracking software or surveillance applications.

“The new policy will strictly prohibit the promotion of products or services with the explicit purpose of tracking or monitoring other organizations / individuals without their permission,” Google said in a statement. press report.

The search giant has pointed to stalkerware as an example of the dangerous increasing trend of malware transmission activities lurking in the form of commercial advertisements displayed on Google platforms and services. . This type of spyware is specifically designed for a person to sneak in on the digital activities of one or more other objects without their permission.

After successful installation on the target phone or computer, stalkerware can secretly track text-related activities (document editing, messaging, etc.), voice call recording or backup. browsing history on the device and sending it to the server of the malicious person, helping them gain unauthorized information without the victim’s knowledge.


According to antivirus software vendor Kaspersky Lab, the number of technology devices containing stalkerware has been increasing rapidly in the past few years, and the danger is that the owner of the device I don’t know. Specifically, in 2019 alone, spyware was detected on the devices of 67,500 Kaspersky Lab customers, up sharply from 40,386 in 2018.

In addition to stalkerware, Google will also ban advertisements related to GPS tracking apps / devices and surveillance cameras for commercial espionage purposes. If an advertiser violates this policy, the company will issue a warning, giving them 7 days to withdraw the ad before starting to lock out the account. In the past, some spyware vendors have sought to bypass Google’s surveillance by promoting them as child-monitoring applications.

Source: Quantrimang

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