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Graphic Designer will become Art Director in the future, are you sure?

In the advertising agency environment including BTL, ATL, IMC, Digital, in the creative department, there are you as Designer, in the process of working, experience, seniority will gradually build up over time. higher positions such as S. Designer, Junior Art and then Art Director. The category from Graphic Designer to Art Director is not mentioned in this article. The scope of this article only covers Graphic Designer content, what if I don’t become an Art Director?

So from the position of Designer to the position of Art Director, what is its path?

1.[EXCELLENCE] Designer, a creative person, has a creative brain. Their background is to have ideas, like to DESIGN, like to think CREATIVE. So obviously, in who you are there will exist two concepts DESIGN and CREATIVE. So why must separate these two concepts? Because there is also a flow of opinions that, before designing, you must have creativity, you must think of something, that is, create, in order to be able to do the design. If the design is not creative, it is very dry, lack of ideas, just put to the “clue”, or simply put things out, without creative. But being creative without design thinking does not shape the so-called “how it look structurally”. In the design will need the main – secondary, front – back, solid – empty, hot – cold color, 3d – flat form, country – modern form, array – stroke, etc. , DESIGN AND CREATIVITY basically coexist in a creative right-minded person, namely Graphic Designer.

2.[DESIGNER – HEAD OF DESIGN] Starting point is Designer, as mentioned above, their qualities are ideas, like DESIGN, like CREATIVE thinking. But specifically in Creative Mindset, if their right brain is more about design thinking than thinking ideas, then they will tend to be inclined towards layout, element, graphic, everything will lay out. star? They like to face the paper and pencil to sketch the specific packaging, how the key visual will be arranged, where the text is, big or small, the picture is in one corner or the other. Any job, they like to sketch on paper, or not sketch out, in their brain will arrange everything in order of design, visualization of the layout and everything is very clearly arranged. That said, it is not that they are not creative, but their creation is how the layout will look in terms of style, design will look, what font, what image, what color, element. Come on. They create through seeing, comparing, analyzing everything in design language. From that experience, their creators gradually increase through the design style, they will create an idea through design language so that each design is a story. How will the key message be conveyed, they know the tonality of each design, for example: Making packaging, key visuals for kids, the tonality will be kiddy, cute, chubby, adorable, pure, holy, look non-toxic etc …

In addition, their designers elevate over time with a full range of design techniques, design software, design trends, ways to convey messages through design language, they’re sophisticated in each. Design whether small or large, whether icons, logos, packages, KV, POSM, they know the concepts of graphic design such as: Know specific fonts, types of layouts, types of color palettes, types. What elements, what types of images, what treatment types, what style classes, mood and tone, what design trends are. The “which” of the design will match the “which” of the job when required. Helps convey the needs of design communication of the brand through designs such as KV, POSM, logo, brochure under the perspective and expertise of graphic design. That journey is suitable for the career path of their career, it can be said: Graphic Designer – Senior Graphic Designer – Head of Design – Design Director (depending on SOW, the functions of the Agency will have this title). However, in the position of Head of Design, there are many professional factors such as: Leading the design team from ways in (brief job) to the outcome for design and creativity. Besides, management skills to ensure productivity and quality of the design team.

3.[HEAD OF DESIGN vs ART DIRECTOR] What is the correlation and coordination between these two positions? We have read the previous article when analyzing the role of Art Director and understanding about the rise of the Art Director position from scratch as Graphic Designer. So the same starting point is Graphic Designer, the same creative system and someone inclined to DESIGN, then went to HEAD of DESIGN, there were people who were creative-minded, creative, then ART DIRECTOR. How will Art Director work with Head of Design?

Answer as follows: When they are Art Director, they will be strong in advertising thinking, they will be strong about ideas, about the flying of ideas, for example: To make a key visual, convey the message of XYZ carbonated cans , drink in extreme coffee. The Art Director will have an idea according to creative thinking such as: How good and high? What charisma, head shaking, hair drooping, head down, facing the sky, rolling on the floor, limbs wobbling, what will the eyes be like? any posing? What is the extreme aspect, the extreme? For example: Take a sip, it makes me fly to the top of the paradise, feeling like standing on top of the Himalayas? Or maybe a little exaggeration like what the hell ?, plunging down 18 layers of hell like a shotgun to describe the climax? Art Director will think creatively in that direction. They can sketch the layout (sketch) and then will hold the idea (attached to the ref. Of the style, mood and tone that Art Director wants to show) through meeting Head of Design, to brief on bright ideas. create. Head of Design will be based on that idea, will deploy the design team on the layout to present the flesh-and-blood layout. The layout must be structured, with minor highlights. You Head of Design will find the graphic materials, graphic styles to express your intentions about extreme, extreme, font etc … Or assuming there is no Head of Design, at this time you Graphic Designer will do the The layout step follows the instructions, the creativity of Art Director.

4.[HEAD OF DESIGN SKILL] Conclusion, so if Graphic Designer does not like to be an Art Director, and is inclined to design, then it is possible to become Head of Design.

So when sitting in the Head of Design chair, in addition to the Design skills and management expertise presented above, what knowledge is really needed to help you confidently sit in that chair. Those are the knowledge of Mar – Com in general, the additional knowledge for the left brain such as Strategic thinking, Critical thinking. Besides additional knowledge for the right brain such as Concept building, Idea development, Art treatment. The knowledge of creativity, advertising communications, thinking about the concept of the position of Art Director seems not related to Head of Design, but it is really useful for you to lean towards design and destination. Head of Design, because through the Art Director thinking class, you understand advertising languages, creative thinking, thinking thinking. Will help you to become a Head of Design a lot in leading a design team, showing Art Director’s layout intent.

Translated by Hoai Thi

Source from: advertisingvietnam.com

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