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How to monetize reviews, product / service reviews.

It has long been a popular form of income-generating in international markets, sharing your experience using, reviewing products or services for money.
Even a lot of people invest it as a main job and professionalize to increase sales.

With 3 years of rapid development of the e-commerce industry in Vietnam. A lot of individuals, breastmilk mothers, young girls, who know how to grasp the 4.0 era trend have all started making money with this form.
If you are a bit diligent, it is possible to make between 300k-500k a day.
In this article, I will share the 5 most popular ways that you can start making money from product reviews and reviews.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Post review on the Pricing website
  • Make money with Revu Network
  • Make website / youtube channel by niche
  • Personal branding (KOLs)
  • Conclusion

Affiliate Marketing

Those who have followed me over the past few years are definitely no stranger to this form of affiliate marketing.
Those who do not understand this form, please see the following article:

Affiliate marketing is the job you promote other people’s products to the right target audience, they make a purchase through your link => you get a commission.
The share of commissions depends on each product, each supplier (Advertisers)

What should I prepare to do an affiliate review of the product?

In Vietnam at the moment, affiliate marketing is very popular. Anyone can do it, just equip:

  • Computer or laptop with network connection
  • Digital marketing skills at a basic level (through real-time work will improve gradually)
  • Ability to write great content or know how to hire writer to write articles
  • Know how to make a website at a basic level
  • A little capital or starting from free traffic with no advertising costs
  • If you know how to run ads, the more opportunities there are
  • Persistence and hard work to think, learn the knowledge to apply in your own affiliate marketing
Whether the Airpods 2 review is worth buying based on actual user experience

So which reputable affiliate network to participate in reviews of money-making products?

AdFlex CPO or Accesstrade are currently reputable affiliate networks for you to battle the Vietnamese market with the increasing online shopping demand of consumers.
To make money with affiliate marketing on these networks, you need:

  • Sign up for a publisher account on the network
  • Choose the offer or campaign you want to promote
  • Conduct advertising in its own way. In this case, you need to write (make a video) review of the respective products / services.
  • After writing the reviews, you can post them on social media or best of all, make your own website. Instructions for making website you can see here
  • Learn more about SEO on your own to bring your review to the top of Google search results.
  • Track, optimize traffic & get commissions from the network

Post review on the Pricing website

Vat Gia is an e-commerce platform similar to Lazada, Tiki, Shopee, Adayroi … here concentrates all products to meet the needs of shopping, essential household appliances in life.

Vat Gia has mobile app, but to make money as a reviews, it is recommended that you work on the computer to be more optimal.

So how to make money with product reviews at Vat Prices like?

In early 2018, Vat Gia officially launched the reviewers community with many attractive rules attracting a large number of participants.
More importantly, the product evaluation conditions that Vomantie requires with reviewers are extremely simple that anyone in my opinion can do – just take a little bit of it.

Pricing does NOT require you to purchase products from Vendors to participate in the review. Specifically, the rules are as follows:

  • Get the right to rate every product you experience whether or not you buy it through Vendors.
  • The rating scale is from 1-5 stars, 5 is the best experience and feeling for the product.
  • Reviews should be personal, showing how you’ve experienced the product.

Benefits when participating in review

This is a detailed table of the reward mechanism for quality assessments.

For the evaluation after that you will receive points & can use points to shop.
Note that if you are not the first reviewer, there were a few others before, you will still be rewarded if your review is approved by the Pricing team as a quality evaluation.
Cash is rewarded to Bao Kim account & you can withdraw all bonuses to personal ATM cards.

Conditions for review for approval

Vat Pricing only reviews quality reviews. The following are the criteria for a quality assessment on Pricing:
The structure of the qualified review will include 2 parts: Image & content
With images, you will have to meet the following standards:

  • Required are product photos taken by the reviewer, not online.
  • Image size 800 × 600 pixels. Photos must not show any signs of having passed editing software.
  • The photo must be accurate with the product being reviewed, the correct model. For example, if you review iphone XS Max and upload an iPhone XS photo, it is not possible.

As for the content, you must comply with:

  • Minimum 150 words.
  • Content is personalized, clearly presents pros and cons and personal experiences. Prolonged, slang sentences will not be approved for quality assessment
  • Do not copy reviews available on the internet.

For example:

As can be seen, you just need to invest in words, take photos of the items around you, in your family, find that product on the Price and post reviews that meet the above criteria to be able to earn. money.

Make money with Revu Network

Revu is an advertising platform based on the concept of influencer marketing and viral marketing (influencer marketing / viral marketing).
Revu acts as an intermediary connecting:

  • Advertisers want to advertise
  • Celebrities, influencing a certain set of users on social networks (influencers).

Advertisers use Revu as a place to create campaigns that promote their products / services and select the most relevant influencers from the list of influencers that Revu will recommend for each campaign.

The potential to earn money from review with Revu

2019 is said to be the year of Micro Influencer Marketing in Vietnam.
When the online shopping market is more and more vibrant and improving every day to meet everyone’s needs, promoting products and services through micro influencers is an indispensable strategy.

It can be said that as long as you know how to invest in yourself, there are several ways to increase the image coverage, good looks, and the relative number of followers on social media channels, you absolutely have. can make money from reviewing products and services as a micro influencer.
Accessing the Revu Vietnam homepage you can find the registration section to be an easy reviewer.

To be able to start making money with product / service reviews with Revu, you need:

  • Invest yourself in a beautiful profile: appearance, soft skills, communication skills,
  • language and socials accounts (For example, the more followers your Facebook has, the more money you can earn)
  • Sign up to join the Revu network as an influencers.Wait for admission results
  • If you are selected as the reviewer for any campaign, you need to show your best, at this step, a Revu staff will contact you to discuss details.
  • Best review results will receive valuable rewards.

Make website / youtube channel by niche

The fourth way is the way to help you develop a passive income stream in the long term.
In the era of technology 4.0, investing in building a website or Youtube channel is seen as a way for you to create valuable assets that you can use to make money in the long term.
The knowledge, ideas about niche websites, I have a detailed article, you should refer to:

With a Youtube channel, it is much easier, I am witnessing an era where family members can make a Youtube channel with a variety of topics and content.
Here’s an example to let you believe that you can do a Youtube Channel yourself:

61-year-old grandmother reached 200k sub after only 2 weeks.

Returning to the issue of making money with product reviews, when you own a website or YouTube channel by niche, you have a traffic channel to post reviews / video reviews, product experience yourself.
For example, a channel that makes money by reviewing products for the mother & baby niche (a highly potential market)

From there, this channel can make money by:

  • Enjoy commissions for sales generated if you join affiliate networks
  • There is a better deal for commissions if your website, Youtube channel is strong, the product / service providers are willing to find you as an ambassador to promote them.

Personal branding (KOLs)

The ideas I have raised for you to equip yourself from today through ways 3 and 4 are like a lever for you to progress to the 5th way of making money.
KOLs are personal brands and influencers in a particular field.

When they have a large number of followers, businesses trading products / services targeting your followers will contact you directly to work with you.

From here, you will have long-term contract deals with you so you can review, evaluate and produce content to experience their products.
In the future, if you have a business ability and a certain amount of capital, this personal brand can completely help you build your own business without having to make money from product / service reviews. another one.

Branding as a KOLs is already too popular with women in beauty bloggers. However, there is no limit to this development path.
There are many other niches in all areas of life that you can become a KOLs if you know enough, know enough and have the enthusiasm to share.

LE TAN JIM, for example, is a KOLs in the fields of technology, graphics, and editing.
Derived from sharing knowledge around this topic and the assessment and practical experience of some tools and technologies to assist her to use.

You can build your personal brand to become a KOLs today, by:

  • Find a hobby, a passion in life that you have a certain interest, experience, and knowledge about.
  • Continuously improve your own understanding and experience in that passion.
  • Build content on your socials accounts, invest in a website or Youtube channel to share what you know, what you experience, related products that you can evaluate.
  • Learn more about digital marketing skills for a better branding strategy in the era of online marketing boom.


How to make money with product reviews that I have introduced will suit the strengths of each different person.
You need to choose a direction for yourself, then persistently build and learn more essentials to succeed with that model. Product review is a money making job that will definitely be very hot in the near future.
If you have any questions, please leave a comment, I will support you in the shortest time.

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