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If Microsoft acquires TikTok, the US will become the absolute boss of all the most popular social networks globally.

With the Microsoft and TikTok deals, all of the most popular social networks globally will be in US hands.

Microsoft has officially confirmed reports that it is negotiating the acquisition of the US business division of the short video sharing platform TikTok. Negotiations between the two companies come as the US president is threatening to ban the application in the US market due to concerns related to the privacy of user data. Because of this pressure, Microsoft confidently set a deadline for negotiations to be completed before September 15.

If the deal is successful, TikTok’s business will almost certainly be divided into a separate division, a division dedicated to the US market (and markets related to the divestment agreement). ByteDance includes Canada, Australia and New Zealand), and the sales department for the rest of the global market.

This will help the United States hold most of the most popular social networks in the world today. Below is a ranking of the top 15 most popular social networks globally, ranked by number of users.

Ranking 15 social networks with the most users today, according to Statista (as of June 2020)

Among the 15 social networks with the largest number of users today, while China also has 6 representatives, including WeChat, QQ, TikTok, Sina Weibo, QZone and Kuaishou, however, the vast majority of people The use of these social networks comes from China, instead of reaching out to the global scale – TikTok can be seen as an exception to this with its current popularity.

And the rest of the popular social networks, with billions of regular users around the globe such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp or Twitter, or even the Reddit forum, all have their roots in the United States and are also home to the majority. its business, including its headquarters and the location of its main server for user data.

TikTok is the exception in the aforementioned social networks when this is probably the only social network that is popular worldwide but has no origin from the United States – with headquarters as well as user data. Stored here. But this will change in the near future if the deal between Microsoft to buy US TikTok is completed.

One of Microsoft’s commitments to the TikTok acquisition is to store and secure TikTok user data in the United States, as well as to erase the US user data that is being stored. at servers abroad. This means that even without origin from the US, TikTok’s user data in the US market will be retained in the United States – like the most popular social networks in the world today.

Holding all the world’s most popular social networks is not a fanciful name. In the current digital age, when user data has become a type of digital resource, more valuable than oil, holding in the hands of the world’s most popular social networks as well as technology corporations. exploiting that huge resource will give the United States a huge advantage in dominating the internet world.

Even for TikTok, even though the US is not the most crowded market in the world, the platform has more than 80 million users and millions of other users in relevant markets (including Canada, Australia). and New Zealand), it is unacceptable to leave such data outside of the United States. This is probably the deepest reason for the deal between Microsoft and TikTok is about to come true in the near future.

Source: Cafebiz

Translated by Thanh Tran

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