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Optimize the reach of customers in social network advertising campaigns

Digital advertisers are fortunate to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment where strategies are carefully calculated to apply to life.

The dynamic environment helps marketers minimize the boring phase of a campaign, when viewers are tired of lengthy campaigns.

Although we can be dealt with with the new ad, you may still feel helpless in the face of this situation. But do campaigns at this point really need to be stopped?

With just a little bit of optimization, you can increase your visibility to existing customers and also reach customers who haven’t converted.

Look back
Take a moment to review. Instead of diligently analyzing the lingering predicament, reconsider your entire digital marketing mix strategy.

  • Have you built a platform to differentiate channels that serve the purpose of increasing awareness and which channels serve the purpose of increasing conversions?
  • Which channels are working well?
  • If we can reach active subjects on channels that are currently inactive, should we continue to pursue?

Never be dependent on any platform, understandably don’t put eggs in a basket

The digital environment allows us to reach the target public even when they surf their morning emails, read the noon newspapers, roam on social networks, … before directly searching for us. Take advantage of this to have an effective digital marketing strategy.

Increase your retargeting capabilities

Here’s a story about using ads that target people who have already visited or converted to your site – giving you the opportunity to reach them again in a more thoughtful way.

Instead of advertising only to people who have visited a particular area of ​​your website or who haven’t converted yet, you must be able to advertise on a platform for people who have visited your site. you adopt another platform.

Even if you have a desire to run cross-platform ads, it’s best to look at them all and decide to choose only platforms that have the target audience large enough to run ads.

Let’s look at a few angles that might be beneficial to you.

Situation 1: Identify the people who expressed the intention to convert right from the beginning of the funnel

You use the Google Display Network for your funnel-top approach to drive more traffic to your website. But this access yielded subjects with higher exit behaviors and low conversions. Therefore, continue to invite them to visit your website but using a different channel.

Tip: Set up a Google Analytics audience to target your website visitors from the Default Display Channel Group.

This will allow you to use the bid modifier in paid search, potentially helping to boost your visibility with people who are searching for service-related keyword terms. You are in business and they visited your website recently.

Situation 2: Target your B2B customer on Facebook

You wanted to set up a remarketing campaign on Facebook but had one problem:

You are a B2B service provider and your email list can be their corporate email address. In this case, the odds of matching a corporate email address with a registered Facebook email address will be very low.

Tip: Make sure your deployed emails include UTM-coded URLs.

This will allow you to create a set of Facebook audiences that target visits from emails that have previously visited your website.

Note, you need to have Facebook Pixel on your website first to create this link with your website.

Remember, you will only be able to target people who have clicked on an email link and visited your website instead of clicking on all of your other email contacts.

Situation 3: Cost-conscious audience segmentation

You notice that the best traffic comes from LinkedIn but often comes with a higher cost per click compared to other platforms.

If we can target similarly on Facebook, find people interested enough to visit and then continue to target them on LinkedIn, it will be more effective.

We can target by job title, industry, … on Facebook with UTM-tagged clicks in specific campaign formats, convenient for targeting these audiences on LinkedIn to advertise a Again.

Reconsider your approach
Using an advanced approach to remarketing might not bring you a new audience, but instead help you target existing audiences more optimally through a new platform.

There are lots of ways you can combine it in targeting your target audience, increasing your chances of showing up again. This also helps you to improve your old and outdated conversion funnel, improving your marketing effectiveness.

Translated by Hoai Thi

Source from: advertisingvietnam.com

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