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Overview of knowledge about running ads on Facebook

  1. The right mindset when advertising on Facebook
    It can be said, the mindset to run ads on Facebook effectively is extremely necessary, because with the right mindset, then you practice right.

More importantly, you will understand the nature of Facebook advertising, it’s not that simple if you don’t have the knowledge.

  1. Understand Facebook advertising terms
    When you’re new to Facebook, you’ll need to hone a lot of the basics.

The concept of terms when advertising on Facebook is something you need to know yourself. Because when you know it, you will read the metrics in Facebook ads.

  1. Price when advertising on Facebook
    Facebook has always been user-oriented, so advertising fake will also suffer. The more users engage with your ads, the lower the price of Facebook ads.

So, the most effective way to run Facebook ads is always towards users and customers.

And yet, Facebook advertising prices also depend on the category and the potential customer file you target.

For example

You run Facebook ads to customers who “like cosmetics” will be extremely competitive. Instead, sell to the niche market “like Korean cosmetics”. You will be less competitive, the advertising price will decrease for you.

Always create valuable advertising for customers, you will both sell goods and receive discounts on advertising.

How much money should Facebook ads run?
For starters, just run the test of 100,000 VND ~ 5 USD for a campaign.

Running Facebook ads is also one way you invest in product marketing only.

The cost to run your ads completely depends on how much you want. Even 20,000 VND is fine.

  1. Avoid the causes of ineffective Facebook ads
    I have run Facebook ads in many markets, at home and abroad.

Up to the present time, when looking back at the toddler days, I have found out that there are many reasons why you are running ineffective Facebook ads.

  1. Learn advertising knowledge on Facebook to avoid scams
    Currently, you will find a lot of Facebook Marketing services such as:

Facebook Ads.
Increase followers, increase likes on Fanpage, …
Buy and sell Fanpage.
Buying, selling / renting Facebook advertising accounts, …
Buying and selling Visa / MasterCard cards to serve the running of Facebook ads.

Another part, Facebook ads with quite a lot of complicated operations. If you do not know the manipulation, the crook may take advantage of the loss of your knowledge to take advantage of money.

So invest in knowledge first Don’t die because of lacking understading !!!

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