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There is no way to “free” … movies ?

GD & TĐ – These days, moviegoers are flabbergasted because suddenly, nowadays, they have a lot of difficulties watching free movies now that they cannot now be able to watch their eyes on TV, computer or phone. but watch my favorite movies.

These are films from classics to newly released without having to spend a “coin”. Moreover, this habit may have lasted for decades, not less than that, but suddenly they were broken!

The story is, the website has the domain name: Phimmoi.net has just been blocked by a network operator (at the request of the authorities). This is a famous pirated movie site in Vietnam, according to the statistics of the We Are Social Organization, it has 5.2 million unique visitors every month and ranks 14th in the top most visited websites in Vietnam. Male (January 2020).

Rushing, stir-fried Laos to argue “broke out”: Welcome and complain. There have been many comments that when moviemoi.net can not access, it also means that Vietnamese audiences should abandon the habit of “using pagoda” … film – a habit that can be considered as very popular. in releasing artworks, not only with movies but also with music, stage plays.

From then on, the hope was rekindled: When that habit was changed, it meant building a habit for the audience to respect the copyrights of films, music, plays, respect for gray matter doctors spend and contribute to the development of art. In fact, this story has been discussed a lot, from public opinion to seminars and talks. But everything is almost still in a state of abandonment.

However, along with that welcome, there are many questions to ask: Whether blocking the “illegal” movie site is a thorough solution or not, it is only limited to blocking the top. ? Isn’t it true that when the day before was blocked, a “pirated” web site would appear the next day for phimmoi.net? And now there are hundreds of websites that release pirated movies, are they still new to block old ones?

It is undeniable that Vietnamese audience inherently has the habit of “using pagoda” but it must also be fair to say that it is not coincidence that the habit was formed. So, along with helping the audience abandon the habit of enjoying the uncivilized art – just like free, the need for paid movie release channels to meet the needs of the audience. If there are still channels to release paid movies but there is no quality, rich and up-to-date film store, it has not been creating “environment” and “guiding” the audience to continue searching for those Free release channel. That also means “promoting” the habit of “using temples” … movies of Vietnamese audiences only!

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