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Ways to build and develop the relationship professionally

Skills and expertise are critical to success, but connecting with the right people can be one of the best ways to add value to your business.

In other words, a relationship is an asset. Unfortunately, not many people know how to professionally establish and build relationships. For entrepreneurs, establishing a strong set of people inside and outside your industry is one of the best investments – it’s worth your time and effort. And, to build strong networking, entrepreneurs can refer to the following ways:

1. Nurture relationships

Before you expand your network of relationships, try to cultivate relationships with people you already know. A relationship network is more than just a collection of business cards. People usually only cooperate with people they know, like, and trust. If you haven’t built a real relationship, you won’t have a strong network. And, there is no shortcut for this!

You need to spend time with people to get to know them, or to let them get to know you. A coffee, tea, or meal with someone is much better than just connecting on social media like Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also invite a small group of people to lunch and get to know many people at the same time. However, it is necessary to learn clearly to be sure of the suitability between them, to avoid the awkwardness that spoils the atmosphere and purpose of the meeting – which is to expand the relationship.

A coffee, tea, or meal with someone is much better than just connecting on social media like Facebook or LinkedIn.

2. Give, receive later

Seek sympathy and build trust before you start “harnessing” from relationships. Find opportunities to share or help people with your expertise or an area you know well. necessarily something big or directly related to the business, but sometimes it’s just information about the destination they’re planning to go to or a good book you’ve just read. Another is to introduce people in its network to each other

3. Take advantage of the second level of connectivity

If you don’t find someone in the network that you can immediately help solve your problem, don’t give up. Everyone in your network will know other people and they can connect for you. So share with them and ask them to connect. Not only will this get you a passionate referral, but it also gives your friend credibility for a referral.

4. Look for weak links

One of the challenges in building wide networks is that people you know well know each other. You won’t have a chance to expand the scope of your relationship in that situation. Look for weak links. These are people you may not know well, and you are not in their group yet. While it’s hard to find and connect with these people or join new groups, this is one of the fastest ways to expand your network.

5. Maintain communication

Once you have a connection, stay connected and communicate actively. LinkedIn, blog, or any other social networking tools are ways for you to appear frequently and in “frequency”. But keep in mind, the content you share needs to be truly quality, and if it creates value for the community, the better. Keep it regularly updated to let everyone know who you are and what you are doing.

Finally, it is important to know that building a good network takes time and investment. You may have to spend years on this, and seriously plan it out. But you will be well-rewarded for this investment.

Translated by Hoai Thi

Source from: Brands Vietnam

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