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Ways to develop website content for fast traffic

I see that many of you today still do not have the right mindset about developing website content, leading to no specific plan, remember what to do, resulting in “off the road”.

You need to make changes to be effective when making money with your website. The ways are:

  • Develop content based on your strengths
  • The content topic must be of interest
  • Find a niche to develop content
  • Keyword research
  • The content type should build early
  • Multi-channel construction
  • Understand what the reader wants
  • Take advantage of paid traffic (running ads)

Details I will share in the article below.

1 / Develop content based on your own strengths

Knowledge of content
You should never “hug the show” if you do not have knowledge or experience about the topic you are trying to write.

Example: You only have previous experience in online business and now want to build content about digital marketing, so that the content is not generic and readers understand, you also need to have knowledge to share. .

In order to convince the reader to be converted to your original purpose, the content has to be real combat or you have to acquire the skills of research and in-depth information.

If you find a potential niche but you have never had any experience in that field, to do well with content you need to research a lot of information in that niche.

At the same time, you need to start writing, in this way you will dig more information in the niche that you will not find at research.

To know if the content is quality or not, you can use a combination of tracking users’ behavior on the article to see if they are really interested in what you share.

In addition, you will also know who your direct competitors are and where they are doing well and where they are not. From there to help you get optimal efficiency.

Write in your own style

Each person will have a different way of conveying knowledge, a different message through each word in the article, this will also help you create your own brand and help readers come back next time.

At first, you have not formed your own style, and I am sure you will be more or less influenced by the individuals in the same niche that you are following.

Therefore, it is not so important to find and develop your own style, so you do not need to worry about having or not. You just need to do the following factors well:

  • Comfortable in addressing to readers: you – I am still the most popular and closest
  • Write the right topic, focus on the topic to exploit. Don’t be too wordy (long isn’t necessarily good)
  • Moderate your language: you may be said to be true to yourself, but not sure everyone thinks so, so to create user-friendliness you should be careful in using the words in the article. write.
  • Limit use of many specialized terms if the content is aimed at people who are new to the field.
  • You should have an outline before you put your hand on “typing”.

Don’t be a copy of anyone else

Knowing and learning from competitors in the same niche is good, it also helps you grow a lot.

However, if you are too fond of a “excellent” author or article, there will be a bit of influence from their “writing” way.

Just be yourself, just follow the right process and share your own experiences to attract readers without you having to become anyone else.

In addition, there is one problem that I often encounter in new friends that is copy and stir-fry content. This is the consequence of not having a specific plan in developing content for website / blog.

2 / Content topics must be of interest

The topic of content that you start for your website / blog should more or less get the attention of the community, and the search volume should also be in the form of “stable” each month on the search engines today (popular is Google).

In order to find the right idea with your own strengths and gain interest, you can take advantage of supporting tools such as:

  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Tool
  • Google Keyword Planner

In addition, you can consult from major newspapers, watch news, search Google, Youtube … Now you will have a lot of ideas to explore and find out the topic to get started.

3 / Find a niche to develop content

Once you have an idea, you need to identify a niche in that field.

Because if you do not develop a niche in the first time, the content for you to build is huge. More importantly, you will have to compete directly with the “big hands” that have done before.

In addition, finding a good niche to go to will have many benefits such as:

  • Easy to focus and deploy on standard content knowledge.
  • Cost savings at first.
  • You will easily reach the audience really interested in the topic.
  • You will understand what the customers are wanting.

4 / Keyword research

Most of the time when developing content for the website / blog, most will aim to optimize SEO.

So, if the step to find an important niche is 1, then this keyword research step must be 10.

When you do keyword research and have a good set of keywords, there are the following benefits:

  • Have a scientific roadmap for developing website content.
  • You will not run out of ideas, because around 1 main keyword there are many other sub-keywords for you to exploit and write.
  • Understand who customers are, where and what they want, … from there you can easily build content and reach them.
  • Website / blog is easy to have a friendly look, because when you have a good set of keywords, everything on the website will automatically be optimized course, easy to see and easy to find information.
  • Having time to research competitors on the same topic and niche, then we can optimize and do better.
  • Good for SEO: when you have a set of keywords, it will be easy to produce standard SEO articles, if the keyword is not too difficult & competitive, it is very easy to go to TOP search with just Onpage SEO.

There are a lot of tools that help you well in keyword research, but the best combo I still use is: keywordtool + ahrefs

For example, I’m using keywordtool for phase 1 of keyword research

5 / Content types should develop early for a new blog

In the process of keyword research will usually be divided and grouped according to two main categories:

  • Information keyword: an informative keyword that helps you pull traffic to your website
  • Buyer keyword: this is the main conversion keyword for your website / blog

Therefore, in the first time, you should focus on exploiting the content of informational keywords to bring the site the first traffic.

After that, you can alternately build content containing buyer keywords.

For example: My website follows the G-Sock watch niche, at first I focus on the content of “guide”, “tips” and “tips” before going to content like “the main place to sell G-sock. firm “,” best “,” where “…

You can start with content that is more informative

In terms of content to exploit, you can deploy in the following forms:

  • Top list
  • Review (reviews)
  • Success story (personal success story)
  • Case Study (your success story and others)
  • Instructions, tips, tips
  • Comparison

6 / Build multi-channel

With the strong explosion of social networks today, it is very lacking when you do not take advantage of this huge traffic source for your website / blog.

Your registration and extensive activity on popular social networks today is one of the techniques of off-page SEO, called Entity Building.

In order not to go wrong in this article, I will share it in another blog post.

For example: If you are building content to review tourist destinations, the next potential channel you can exploit is Youtube, Tiktok. Building parallel content between blog and youtube channel will help pull traffic back and forth between the two channels very well.

In addition to Youtube, you can further exploit, depending on the content and the target audience is “where” on the Internet, such as:

  • Group Facebook: You can build your own community, if the topic is a lot of people interested, you will surely get a very potential traffic volume. Every time there is a new article or video, you just need to post on the group will help pull traffic very well.
  • Fanpage: Currently, Facebook Fanpage is very difficult to find traffic if you don’t run ads, but this is still a channel that you cannot ignore.
  • Instagram: This is a social network of “images” that focuses a lot of young audiences, so if your topic has such an audience file, do not ignore it.
  • You can choose the big forums and more or less related to the topic and activity, here will always have great traffic and quality for you to flock.
  • You can find and read every related website / blog and regularly interact through the comment section below each article, share positive things, you will get quality traffic from them. This is also one of the steps in the link building.

Depending on your audience, you will exploit potential social networks and pull traffic for your website / blog.

7 / Understand what the reader wants

If you prepare carefully “inventory” from finding niche, to researching and getting a good set of keywords, you will surely understand more or less what your target audience wants (insight), from there. you can easily plan and get effective changes to the website / blog content.

Once you have quality followers, you can get more out in the following ways:

Giving gifts: No need to be too valuable, just gifts with spiritual value are enough for them to remember your brand.
Interaction: The way you interact with the readers below each article or the emails they send you will help you understand what they are looking for, and will optimize the content for the next time. .

Continuously learn what the reader needs, optimize and build through their wishes so that they can continue coming back next time.

8 / Take advantage of paid traffic

You may have heard of people specializing in sales / sales / services about burning hundreds of millions, even billions of VND for advertising.

But our goal is to get enough traffic for Google to type well on the article and make it easier for keywords to top Google than normal SEO.

Currently there are 2 channels that you can learn by yourself and set up:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads

To avoid wasting money, you should note the following in each advertising channel:

  • Google Ads: The purpose is to reach the number of people who are interested in keywords, so you should choose Google Search Ads.
  • Facebook Ads: Optimizing this channel audience is very difficult, so you should only retarget the audience who visited the website / blog before, because they are the ones who need and are interested in the topic that you are exploiting.

Later, if you want to sell or related services, you can easily reach the right audience.


If you want to get quality traffic then you need to invest a lot in quality content.

Currently, customers are very difficult in choosing to buy, so content is the first important condition for them to decide whether to choose your product / service or that of a competitor.

The ways I have shared just stop at the basic level that anyone can see and learn by themselves.

To conclude, with a new website / blog that wants to get traffic quickly, you can apply the following ways:

  • Please write about topics that you have knowledge and experience.
  • The topic of content development must have someone looking for & interested in.
  • Once you have the topic, the content idea, find the niche to develop first.
  • Keyword research around existing niche topics.
  • 3 types of content that you can develop early in your new blog: tutorials / tips / tricks, comparison, reviews.
  • Multi-channel construction.
  • Understand what the reader wants.
  • Take advantage of paid traffic to increase quality traffic as well as rank on Google.

Translated by Hoai Thi

Source from: kiemtiencenter.com

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