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What is needed before running ads on facebook?

  1. Own Visa / Mastercard
    You need a card with international payment functionality, namely Visa or Mastercard. I recommend you to make this card at Vietcombank, ACB, Techcombank, BIDV. Because according to our experience, these banks have high stability when making international payments.


Visa / Mastercard has 2 main types of cards

Debit card (debit card): A card that you can recharge first before you can use it.

Credit card (credit card): A card you can spend money first and then return it to the bank.

For convenience, you should prioritize making a Visa Debit card fast, and save paperwork.

Instructions for making a Visa Debit card to run Facebook ads
When you have ACB, you finish the application and wait to get your card right away. Vietcombank took the card after 14 days. Remember to bring a little money, more than 200,000 VND, because the Bank may require you to pay the card fee.

Note: you ask the bank staff to make you a Visa debit card (ie, have money in the card before you can use it).

Once you have the card, follow the instructions of the bank to activate the card. After activating the card, you can pay with Facebook. All instructions to activate you, please contact the bank.

  1. Account running ads on Facebook
    There are 2 types of accounts that you need to have to start running Facebook ads.

Personal Facebook account. This is the common account type that almost everyone has. It’s also incredibly easy to create.
Facebook Business account. This is a type of Facebook account for businesses and organizations. However, individuals like us can still set up themselves a Business account.
However, the newcomer will have a headache: Facebook advertising accounts are locked. In the process of running Facebook ads, everyone will encounter this traumatic situation, and newcomers are even more difficult to deal with.

I recommend using a Business account to run ads on Facebook more effectively. I speak briefly through the following 3 main reasons:

Prioritize updating new features on Facebook ads.
Supported by Facebook with the fastest speed.
Convenient administration interface, easy to operate.

  1. Create a Fanpage to start advertising on Facebook
    Facebook does not allow you to advertise right on your personal Facebook. Every article, image, video you want to advertise must put it on the Fanpage.

How to create a Fanpage requires you to have a personal Facebook or Business account before. That account will own your Fanpage, have full rights to administer the page for Fanpage.

The quality of the Fanpage also greatly affects the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook. With a quality Fanpage in hand, you can easily sell goods, even make money from it.

Translated by Hoai Thi

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