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Why emotions are important in design and how to exploit them

We are often very emotionally complicated. When we talk about everyday life, we often do more than an objective awareness of our surrounding life. Instead, nearly everything we perceive is accompanied by an emotional response.

    * Written by Taylor Seamans on Medium page

For example, when I hear the alarm clock in the morning, I not only hear a series of sounds but also feel awake or even sad (if it’s an early morning). Or when I see a series of blue shift requests when I make a password, I not only see that blue, but I also feel satisfied, because I feel like I’ve done something right. and recognized.

The general relationship between perception and emotion is that they are all very important in design. When designing, think about what users see or hear. What is easily overlooked, however, is what users feel by what they see or hear. This emotional reaction can have a huge effect on your user-product relationship.

To build a product that is appealing to users, designers need to pay attention to positive emotions and attractiveness. The author will explain a bit about emotions and memory below, then the tangible elements to consider in your design.

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